Damn it! I'm going bald!

…and it’s freaking me out! Actually, I guess I’ve been aware of this unfortunate development for the past year or so, but I’ve been denying it, trying not to think about it, and doing very creative comb-overs. Well, today I cut my hair, and it’s now too short for that strategy to be an option. The truth is out, and there’s no hiding it: I’m about to turn 27, and my hairline is heading for the horizon.

That’s right, I’m now a balding, old geezer, and if this development continues at its current pace, I’ll be able to do Patrick Stewart impersonations by the time I’m 30. Yes, I know it’s perfectly normal. I know it happens to loads of guys at my age. Even so, it’s still giving me the heebie-jeebies.

Damn it, it’s just not hair, you know. My youth and virility was in that hairline. My potency, my self image as a reasonably attractive male, my entire belief in myself. It’s all going south. Now I’m just… balding. And old. It’s too soon, damn it! I’m not ready yet! I wasn’t done picking up cute 22 year olds!

Well, anyway, I just thought I’d share my woes. Any comforting thoughts are appreciated. And please, if you can, try to refrain from any pointing and laughing. I don’t think I can take that right now.

Between minoxidil and finasteride, you can greatly slow and reduce the hair loss. If you really, really want to, that is. Those meds will help you keep what you have for longer.

But once it’s gone, those meds won’t bring it back.

Shave the rest of it off. It works for Bruce Willis, it can work for you.

Shave it! Shave it! Shave it!

Oh, and


I lost a bunch of it at age 27 too, and then the rate of loss slowed down for a while.

But 27 isn’t geezerhood in any case.

I very bald friend of mine says, “We only get so much testosterone. Why would anyone want to waste it on growing hair?” :slight_smile:

Three of my friends share your pain. One developed a receeding hairline in highschool! The other two are thining out back despite only being 28 and 29. I also vote to shave it off.

Dude, by 27 I had already lost the hair. At 35, I have the classic male pattern. Is there female pattern baldness?

So I went from looking like Radar O’Reilly to George Costanza.

Consider yourself lucky.


I felt the exact same way at 27 which is when I started losing mine. I been shaving mine bald for six years now. Fortunately for me, I can pull this look off fairly well.

But forget about all that. If the magical hair fairy were to come down and give me my hair back; I’d tell her to go kiss off. Being bald rocks! As is the relatively low maintnence involved that comes with it. I love being able to wake up straight out of bed and not having to spend tweny minutes f’n with my hair.

Also if your losing your hair line, comb your hair in a way that says you ccould care less (even if you do) THAT"S the kind of attitude that will get the ladies. (As opposed to being the guy who thinks he’s fooling people with his comb over)

You might want to think twice before you shave it all off. It’s common knowledge (at least among women) that guys your age who purposely look like Kojak are doing it to conceal the fact that they are going bald. Unfortunately, this look only draws MORE attention to your naked head, effectively negating the purpose of doing it in the first place.

Dude, I feel your pain as a 28 year old who’s feeling the breeze in places he never did before… Lucky for you there is a hairstyle going on that actually lends itself to the receding hairline. Forget shaving, it’s time to rock the Faux Hawk. Pull it forward and push it towards the middle. Are you balding or are you Ryan Seacrest? Only your hair stylist knows for sure…

As I always like to say, shaving your balding head is kind of like saying to your hair, “You can’t quit … YOU’RE FIRED!”

Yeah, I wanted to mention this in my last post. I don’t mean to sound like a smug prick but I shave my head because I have a nicely shaped head and a face that can pull it off. Shaving your head though is definately not for everybody.

Like I said: 'Just don’t give a fuck and the ladies will eat it up!"

Friend of mine started going bald at 25. At 27 he got married in one of those weddings with the works. For 6 months beforehand he Rogained like a champ. Presto, huge head of wavy hair for the wedding photos.

The day afterwards he stopped using it. By the end of the honeymoon it had all fallen out. Boy did he look bald.

As the wife of a proudly bald man I can say, it does make you look older, but under the right circumstances it can make you look sexy, too, in a down and dirty, leather bar, tattoos, Harley way. I mean it means more testosterone, right? The only thing that will never save you is a half-assed attempt to hide it. Combovers meh. Even a baseball cap is a weasel out. My husband and his brothers all say: Be a proud baldy. Testosterone means sex.

As a woman I guess I can’t entirely relate to the way men feeling about going bald, but at least I can reassure you that I (and plenty of other girls) think Patrick Stewart is quite hot. :slight_smile:
I don’t look at bald guys as being inherently less attractive as hairy dudes (although my personal preference is for bald dudes with facial hair…it’s sort of like a beard “balances things out” somehow).

Bah! I had the receding hairline AND a balding spot by age 17. One of the joys of being in my thirties is watching friends and acquaintances dealing with the trauma of hair loss which I dealt with a decade and a half ago.
This additional experience and maturity allows me to make the same profound observation as Silenus:

with an added bonus helping of


As long as:

A. You refrain from apologetic comb overs.
B. Your screen name is not an acurate discrisption of the shape of your head

you should be fine.

My 36 year old SO didn’t just have a receding hairline since he was in his 20’s, he also has gone completely grey. And he looks a lot better. I’ve seen pictures of him when he looked “younger” and he looked…too young. He’s a lot sexier now. He could pick up any 22 year old he wanted… :eek: . Oh thanks a lot, now I’m thinking about him picking up 22 year olds.

And just remember, male pattern baldness is due to an excess of testosterone.

Ah…I see my final point has already been made. And more eloquently then I.

Well, I got out the electric hair-cutting razor thingie, and shaved it all off, along with the scruffy beard that I’ve been cultivating for a while. Actually, it looks pretty cool now, in a bad-ass kind of way, if I may say so myself. Not exactly Bruce Willis - I’m too small and wimpy to really pull that off - but not too shabby at all. Of course, it doesn’t actually hide the balding parts, but at least I look a bit more like Vin Diesel and a bit less like George Costanza this way. Now, if the hair line would only stay where it is, and not head even further south, at least for a while, I think I may be able to live with this look. Fingers crossed…

Actually, I even got a compliment from a friend of mine. Well, sort of. He said it looked “not horrible. Actually, not bad.” I guess that will do. At least no one is breaking down laughing, and I don’t seem to be scaring the children. Now, let me go out and introduce my new ass-kicking, testosterone-pumping, very hairless self to the ladies, and see how they react…

Or as a friend of mine said of her brother, “He broke up with his hair before it left him.”