Damn Loveletter worm -- IT people beware

Hey folks just an FYI, my client just got hit with the “Loveletter” worm…this may have stemmed from a major client of theirs which could be places like Home Depot, Wal*Mart or any of the other retail chains. If this is the case it could start spreading pretty heavily again…

The first email that was sent was “US PRESIDENT AND FBI SECRETS=PLEASE VISIT” and even hit my home office email – thank God for web based email.

So I guess what I am saying is, keep your eyes open for this.

Aw, crap…I had 3 or 4 cases yesterday of people calling in 'cause they got the iloveyou virus email thingy. Makes me just want to hunt the little virus-creating geeks down and shoot them all in their tracks.

It’s pretty nasty from what I’ve gleaned from DataFellows and Symantec. You might want to read up on it when you get the chance.

I would love to give these virus writers a lesson. Inject their bodies with some unknown, but uncontagious and uncurable human virus.

Damn, I ended up having to wipe out 2400 jpg files on the server anywhere from 700-2700 jpg files on each computer (luckily many were internet temp files on the local machines).

As much as I hate virus software (resource hogs) I ended up purchasing Norton anti-virus today. Since so much of my work from home involves graphics files I would have been really screwed. I have a back up but I tend to forget to back up my files.