damn my curser!

Why is the curser blinking irregularly and the typed text following so slowly in these boxes? Has anyone noticed this? Very annoying. Should cut down on idle posts, I guess.

Yeah!! I did too. Thought it was just me (long weekend ya know).

Board usage seemed to be quite heavy yesterday; may have just been pent up demand due to the fact that we were down for a short time.

Things seem to going smoother today. Of course, it is a holiday, so I guess tomorrow will tell the real story.

your humble TubaDiva

My ability to type in the text boxes is hampered by heavy usage? That’s bizarre. I refuse to believe it. Instead, I’ll presume it’s some sort of poorly implemented application code. It’s still doing it. Ick.

Tuba, it’s been like that on my work computer for the better part of 3 weeks. Not at home, just here at work(?) I don’t get it.


Lemme get this straight: if it happens on your work computer and not on your home computer, it’s vB’s fault?

I dunno why it’s happening. I saw it the first day after the upgrade, I don’t see it now.

your humble TubaDiva

I’ve noticed this ocasionally.

And Dystopos’s skepticism to the contrary, it is in fact a usage issue (for me at least). When the post response page loads on my box, if it hangs or slows down dramatically before it’s fully loaded I get a little cursor stutter until it finishes.


Jerry the Tech Guy admits the system may need a bit of tweaking and he’s working on it.

If it turns out the new blue arrow stuff is what’s causing our problems, we’ll probably disable it, it’s an extra perk that’s nice to have but not at the expense of everybody else.

I also notice, once again, that the Chicago area is having server trouble; according to the latest Internet Traffic Report (http://www.internettrafficreport.com/), North America is down to 54%, with one of the two Chicago routers listed down below 30%. This does not bode well for connecting.

your humble TubaDiva

Hm. If it’s a connection/usage problem then it’s a connection/usage problem unique to this update of this message board. I’ve never seen that happen with any of the other little boxes I’ve typed in on any other site – but it’s all moot now as my curser is behaving.

Out of curiousity, did something get tweaked?

The situation with the new software is being monitored and I would imagine tweaks of some sort are going on all the time . . . and will continue to do so until we get the problems worked out.

Thanks for your patience during this time. Even with the occasional glitch going on here, we’re STILL better off than we were.

your humble TubaDiva