Slooooow motion

The board has been running kinda jerky for at least the last 6-7 hours. Lots of times tonight when I try to open a thread, or do a preview, I get no response from the site. Others, it comes back immediately. And I’ve been on the site all that time, reading or responding, even though it’s claiming I was off and am now back on.

Are the hamsters hungry? Did somebody forget to feed them? Or are they doing a “slow down” campaign?

Rebooted your system/cleared your cache lately? That often makes a big difference in how the board responds . . . for the better.


Unless you can explain why, I’m very skeptical of that.

Beats the hell out of me, but I’ve had plenty people complain of bad performance, go reboot, come back, and things are better, so I always mention this to people on the off chance it might work for them.

Some folks literally never clear caches out and have a pantload of old files stored. This will hamper performance eventually.

For those few people who might still be using AOL the problem there is that AOL hangs on to RAM and does not release it back to the system; it accumulates. After a while the system chokes because it has no RAM. Rebooting frees the RAM and suddenly everything works again.

It’s entirely possible other programs resident on someone’s computer are likewise resource hogs as well.

At my house, everything good comes from the bandwidth fairies. They also do housework, or so I’m told. If they ever get here.

It seems fine tonight. I haven’t cleared my cache. I’ve probably got about as many windows and tabs open as last night - and Windows Media as well.