Damn, not Nate Dogg!

He truly was a great singer; his was always the bright spot in every song he was in.

I saw an article on that this morning. Handsome fellow. A shame he died so soon.

::Plays “Regulate” in his honor::

He certainly was great on every song I heard that featured him, and his voice and style was instantly recognisable. Very sad news.

QFT. Even though he was an OG rapper, his voice was just golden; smooth like butter.

His style is unmatched. RIP

His best work:


New York Times obituary here. He had a lot of success (although I just knew him from Regulate - which I’ll link to since nobody’s done it yet) but it sounds like his last years were really hard:

I wasn’t a big Nate fan, but I can’t deny his contribution to hip hop. Big up to all the Nate fans.

Til I Collapse is probably my favorite song that he’s a part of.

Yeah, makes me awful sad. For him and for his family and the rest of 213, and myself, too. All my childhood memory makers are either dying or getting twisted, one by one!