Damn Snow, f*ck'n wrist

NE Texas/SW Arkansas - it’s snowing. Nice cold, wet, heavy snow that these freakin Southerners don’t know how to drive on. I swear to gods it must be brainfreeze.

As some of you know, I had wrist surgery last week. The weather hasnt been cooperative -cold, rainy, overcast (and surprisingly, we had our first tornado of the year on Monday - no shit!). My wrist/hand feels like someone/thing is stabbing it with a fuckin icepick & grinding it against my freakin bones. Let me tell you - it hurts enough to make me sweat, chill, & swear like a sailor. Usually I soak my hand in hot water to ease the pain, but I’m in a cast so no-can-do. Tylenol isnt working and neither is Advil.

I’ve been dealing with this “hand/wrist” problem for about 3 years and it’s been hell & has contributed to some life-changes that weren’t necessarily positive. I blame a lot on the insurance company - but I’m not going to fucking elaborate on that whole ordeal which would also include a rant on my previous long-term employer. I had a good, strong work history with the company for over 13yrs only to get fucked over in the end… but another door opened, and I am grateful.

My concern is, now, what happens after my cast? I have to get a job soon, I need to be able to take care of myself & daughter & not working is suckin the life out of me. Dont worry, I have a bit of income now but it wont last much longer & I’m concerned that I wont be able to find a job. I’ve gotten pretty decent at typing with one hand, but not enough to pass a wpm requirement, not to mention time off for therapy. Fuck, fuck, double fuck.

I’m cranky, uncomfortable, & dyin for a Starbucks. Ok, fine, I’d rather have my SO massaging my hand and holdin me. Damn snow. Damn weather. Fuckin hand.

Americans with disabilities act and an FMLA letter baby!

You are currently disabled, and an employer can get brownie points for hiring the gimps, and an FMLA letter allows you to take the needed time for PT.

oddly enough, telephone customer service can be an option for now - most have a fairly minimal typing requirement, and if your phone manner is good,an ADA driven adjustment can be made to your quota until you are done with PT and back up to using both hands for typing.

Never hurts to try [heh]

FMLA only counts under certain regs. I ran out of FMLA at my previous employer & there were openings at the call center but they didnt allow me the opportunity to transfer - which was odd because most of my experience was in customer service/call center & one of my doctor’s recommended at least a temp transfer for a consistant schedule so I wouldnt be missing as much work.

It was ignored & I was pretty much pushed out of my job

Go to the labor board. If it was a ‘reasonable accomidation’ they have to comply. Since you have a handicap, and had the CS experience, and was not a promotion with a raise, it was unreasonable for them to accomidate you. The FMLA part is 12 weeks off in 1 year. You can take it in IIRC 2 hour intervals or all in a chunk - BUT the handicap is ADA actionable.

Site I can get more info?