Damn that was cold, and deep too.

So a bunch of us went snowmobiling last night. We in the Northern lower peninsula of Michigan have been getting slammed with snow so the time was right! Temperatures have been going down to zero on the west coast where I live. Veritable heat wave compared to the interior of the state which hit 29 below this week.

Had a great night of riding until about 5 miles from home I got my sled stuck 3/4 of the way up a huge hill that had drifted over. So I turn off the machine and dis-mount and much to my suprise I sink in deep snow up to my chest, BRRRRRRRR that was cold. Took about 15-20 minutes to dig out and get back under way.

Mr. Athena and I went snowmobiling last weekend. Luckily, we had 3 kids (nieces and nephews) on light sleds to pack the trails before attempting them on my father’s giant 2 person touring snowmobile. It was glorious! We can’t wait to go again… this was our first time out for a loooong time so we mostly stayed around our camp (cabin, for you trolls) and up and down the road and such.

We’ve gotten our fair share of snow in the past week, too. Sounds like the weather is a lot the same as what you’ve been having - hovering between about 5-10 below at night, and around 0-10 during the day (except yesterday, when the sun came out, and it got up to 20. Heatwave!)