It's above freezing!

And damn does it feel good to hear the snow melting! It’s been below freezing since last Saturday and it got down to -20° F on Tuesday night and -17 on Wednesday.

Those of you east of the Rockies, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

25 degrees above zero as of my lunch hour shopping trip!

Feels almost tropical!

A car just drove down my street and the sound of slush being squished on the road was wonderful.

It’s -8°C with a wind chill of -17°C here, so y’all can just bite me with your balmy climes.

5F right now.

15f checking in. Warm considering the last week.

Haven’t quite hit the -20 f that really starts to make things difficult, but we are kindof wishing for VERY VERY cold weather. Like -30f That would start to kill the beatles that are killing the trees.

You stole my post - I was going to invite them all to bite my lily white, frostbitten ass.

It got up to 26F today! I’m praying my car will decide to start when I get home. It hasn’t for a few days because it’s been frigid. Poor thing.

All of us were joking about the heat wave – of course, this also means we’re in for a nice snowstorm this weekend, so it’s not exactly tropical. But up near freezing is so much nicer than single digits or below.

Today was positively TROPICAL. I shudder to think how I shall manage the forecasted high of 47F tomorrow - sarongs and flipflops, perhaps?

Well, tonight will be the test to see whether my block heater is working. Because I got my car up and running well. I drove ten miles to a grocery store and when I came back out it started up nice as could be. I think it’s laughing at me.

Come on, snow! Woo! Bitter cold is no fun. Snow and upper 20s? Heaven on Earth!

My news was screaming last week about TEMPERATURES MIGHT DIP BELOW FREEZING!!! Hide your children! Wrap your pipes! Build a bomb shelter!

I mean, 'cmon, weatherman? As sad as I am about the frost killing my flowers, “Frigid” and “Bitter Cold” are not appropriate words. (To quote a good friend, originally from Chicago, we’re a boatload of sissies).

But even here, in sissy California, a couple days of 30’s does make you deeply appreciate 48 degree evening you usually whine about.

Those weatherpeople should have been here this last week. Just below freezing? It is to laugh! At least as far as descriptions like “frigid” go. I like it just below freezing, it gives me energy!

I will never forget laughing at the LA weather reporting a few days after I arrived there as a teenager from Texas, and they put up a map of recent lightning strikes. I mean, had they done that where I’d been living the whole screen would have glowed white. They don’t know from thunderstorms there either!

Wow! And those of us in Texas complain when it drops to freezing in the first place.

I know, right? When I went to visit the fam for Christmas last year, I was riding around in a car with my friend who turned his heater setting to Goddamn Hell because it was all of 45 degrees outside. I could barely stand it. I took off my jacket and cracked my window a bit. He thought I had gone mad, I thought he had gone mad.

Edit: If this post doesn’t make any sense, my friends, family and I are from California. I have since moved to the very frigidly cold Midwest, and going back home makes me laugh.

Hey! Some of us don’t plan on leaving California! Don’t knock our cold 40ish degree days! Its the dead of winter for us! Honestly, I am not comfortable even when it’s in the 50’s. I’m a strictly 60 and over man! :wink:

goes back and hides under blankets with the heater on when it’s 45 degrees outside Brrrrrrr!

Californians are adorable!

15 degrees F last night, but sunny today and supposed to go up to near 40 next week. I hope it lasts till after New Years. Yearning for a White Christmas? Kiss my ass! I have to do all the driving around in it, and it’s about as fun and merry-making as an impacted wisdom tooth.

I heartily agree with that, salinqmind. Ideally, we’d have snow on everything BUT the roads and sidewalks - those would be bald-assed bare. I think we need to devise a cheap method of making roads and sidewalks allergic to snow. :slight_smile: