Damn, this pancakes smell good!

I have just flipped the last thick, soft, big, perfectly round* and golden pancake off the pan, smells like glory.
I have the raspberry jam jar ready and it´s time to indulge in earthly pleasures!

Oh mamma, this will be good…

*Not an easy feat considering that the pan I used it´s convex.

One and half left… I foresee a depressing, pancake devoid future soon.

Wow, this really is Mundane and Pointless.
Looks yummy, though.

Nice! :cool:

Since nobody asked I´m going to post my secret for the perfect pancakes anyway, the thing you have to do is…





Ominous silence.

Looks yummy. I have never tried pancakes with jam though… Is that a Uruguayan thing?

Gets up and dusts jacket…
No, it´s an Ale thing. Try it, blueberry or raspberry, you can thank me later. :wink:

OK, I fess up, my secret for pancakes is to make the batter the previous night. That serves more than one purpose; first and foremost it prevents accidents in the morning, I´m a zombie during the first hour after waking up. Second, after spending the night on the fridge something wonderfull happens to the batter, gets yummylistically thick, the perfect consistency.

Pancakes? What good are they if you can’t see the faces of Jesus and Mary in them?

Not unless there’s a previously undetected Uruguayan influence in the rural New England community I grew up in. Even in the heart of maple country, we loved us some jam on our pancakes. Try it with a little sour cream or ricotta cheese.