Damn! Was that painful or what?

Anyone else have serious withdrawal issues today?

I’ve been huddled beneath my desk in the fetal position all day.

I was seriously starting to twitch!
I may not post often, but I’m reading all the time…
That was scarrry!

I was sobbing hysterically and could not be comforted.

Okay, maybe not. Maybe I actually got some work done.


That was a complete “In space no one can hear you scream.” moment.

I have been chewing on my own knee all day.
Phew. Glad it’s back.

You’d think that I would have gotten a ton of work done today, not having my usual distraction. Here’s how my day actually went:

[Work for 30 seconds]
[Check to see if SDMB is back]
[Repeat above]

It’s hard to get any work done when you’re interrupted every 30 seconds…


I’m fine. But then, I took the day off.

No no Idon’tknowhatyoumeanIwasfinereallyrelalyfineandIdidn’thaveanyproblems atall no no nono no no nowithdrawalsymptomsIdoon’tknowwhatyoumeanreally really I mean I’m

:: breathes ::

I’m OK now.

I’ve been twitchy and hallucinating since last night.

I didn’t mind the down-time, but if I don’t get my 4.1¢ back I’m gonna raise a stink!

I went the whole weekend posting only minimally, when I had time. No problem. But work is sloooooooooow in the summertime, and yes, i was pretty twitchy all day. And now it’s time for me to go home.

I noticed the temporary demise of the boards seemed to coincide with a decided lack of chocolate Love Offerings sent to me.

Coincidence? Certainly something affected the cosmic balance… :eek:

It’s not gonna work, is it?

Ask and ye shall receive!


That Jerry – what a mensch!

And now the herd thunders back from its refuge in Fathom…

Our power went out for about an hour this afternoon. During that time the dog paced back and forth; laid down, got up and then did it again; kept looking out the window; and got very clingy with me and the kids.

I know just how he felt.

Exactly! I was downright petulant all day. Fortunately, one of the notifications in my inbox contained a link to a bajillion pictures of **Hal Briston’s ** cats, so I looked at all of those very intently. I feel like I know Boo personally now. :slight_smile:

The google ads are for vicodin and addiction help. ROFLMAO!!! That’s just too funny.

I got a lot of stuff done at work. If this had gone on one more day, I might have cleaned my office. I hate to think what kind of universal havoc that would have caused. I think most of my staff was thinking, “why does he have so much more time than usual today to bug us about stuff.” :smiley:

Hello, Narcotics Anonymous? I need HELP getting off the Dope! ::sob:: I can’t do it alone cause I can’t STOP myself!! Waaaa haaa haaaa haaa!!! ::sob:: I didn’t realize how bad it was until today when the SDMB went down and I…I…I almost joined another board just to get a fix. I’m SOOOO ashamed. :o