So who else went through SDMB withdrawal?

This stuff is harder to give up than crack.

I actually had to *work *most of the day! We cannot be having that.

It 's har d to typ e well a s I’m st ill twit ch in g.

I wish I had! I made a Lolcat and ate everything I found next to the coffeemaker at work. Ugh.

I’m at work and I was stressed!

I’ve read every plime and every fark article. I’ve checked blogs.

My heart is beating fast. I need my dope!


Stops mashing keyboard like a crazy person, composes self, tries again

As I’m at home (it being night time here) and didn’t have anything else to do this evening I found I was a little unhappy with the lack of any dope. But then I chewed on some electric cable and it was fine.

Maybe we should stop objecting to the linking of the name of the place to a drug…

twitch twitch fidget twitch
:: login ::

I know it’s not my forum, but can I moderate SOMETHING in this thread, please? Maybe change the title or move it to another forum, or ban one of you? One of you has to be a sock, right?

I think I’ll add a question mark to the thread title.

I think I checked the board status only maybe 75 times today, and posted a few times at the refugee board. Seriously, I kept checking like a monkey in the cocaine experiment. All day long it was hit button, demand satisfaction only someone forgot to top off Mr. Jingles cannister today.

Yeah! I’ve been sick all day and slept through most of it, so when I finally dragged myself out of bed - I was met by the board being down!

No! You cannot both take away my health and my Dope :frowning:

No kidding … I had a separate tab open most of the day and refreshed every 15-30 minutes.

For crying out loud, I’m afraid I’m addicted. All afternoon, I’m wondering if it’s back up, and one of the first things I think after going to the doctor’s today is, “I need my dope…”

I quit trying the boards at noon and started playing Pandemic 2. Killing all of humankind (virtually) did a nice job of filling the void in my life. And I also caught up on a whole mess of “Ask Cecil” questions on the Straight Dope main page.

Oh, and I did a wee little bit of work too. :smiley:

I Googled the term “straight dope message board” in hopes of finding out something about what was happening.

Does that answer your question?

LOL, I wouldn’t have noticed on any of the other 51 Tuesdays of this year. But, since I have to work MLK day, I got this day off instead. I wanted to go into the game room and whine about how the Clippers sucked last night. But, no!!!

Heh! I got so busy running around with Christmas stuff, I didn’t even notice until very late in the afternoon. Then I refreshed once and everything was back to normal. I had no idea.

Any other day, I would have been beside myself.

It was down?

Hello. My name is Yllaria and I’m a Dope addict.
I feel better, now.

How long was it down? I was busy with other stuff during my lunch so I wasn’t even aware of it.

I had nothing to do at work all day. Not even work. :frowning: