So who else went through SDMB withdrawal?

OhEmGee, I was almost forced to do something productive today.

Thankfully, it came back up in time. Whew, that was a close one! :cool:

I only tried two or three times. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

I pestered Skald, created my webcomics list for my LJ, and was miserable. I need my Dope!

I am in charge of the office today, and the Dope being down contributed to my sending people home early if they wanted to go. That and it being almost the Feast of Stephen.

I think the time has come for me to bring something up that has finally got my attention, but I don’t want to detract from anyone else’s issues or experience, so perhaps I shouldn’t go into a lot of detail here, but I wanted to say, now, while the experience is fresh in my mind (and yours, too, I bet) that it could look like there might just be, in some way or other, perhaps some dependency issues I should come to terms with at some point in my near future life.

I do hope that’s clear.

I was actually busy all day baking, so having the boards down didn’t affect me too much.

I went back to bed and slept until a little after noon; by then, my wife had confiscated the computer and I’ve been without dope until just a few minutes ago. I don’t like when the dope isn’t available and I don’t like when my wife refuses to surrender the computer to her Lord and Master and I really don’t like when there ain’t one damn thing I can do about either situation.

Well today was pretty great, what with school out early and tomorrow being the first day of winter break and whatnot, but I went into the computer lab at school today and tried to log onto the SDMB, but, alas, no avail. That was actually the worst part of my day today. Yeah, today was great.

I wanted to clean my house today – thanks to the outage, I actually did. (Well, plus finish a book I’ve been reading and take a nap, so I haven’t vacuumed yet or anything.)

I was, however, pretty peeved when I tried again around 4 and it was still out … :smiley:

The dope was down today?

Thank god it’s not just me…

I checked every 10 minutes - I even stopped to check on my way to conference room for our Christmas luncheon. What was I gonna do - catch up on threads while my co-workers waited for me?


I go through it every day at work. Curse you, SurfPatrol!

The board was down? Huh, didn’t notice. Goes to show how much it’s not the central online place I go to anymore. Interesting. :slight_smile:

I, too, checked about every 10 minutes while at work.

At home, not at all.

Anyone else going to be hit again this weekend? I’m heading up somewhere where I have no internet AND no computer access. :eek: For four days.

God no, the Dope is why I got a smartphone in the first place. Just in case.

Me. I liked to have shit when I saw it was down. I needed mah Dopers over Christmas! :slight_smile:


I was trying to show my hyper-intelligent astro-physics nerd cousin this board.

And it was down.