Damn You Dogs!!! Stop farting!!!

Our dog will not eat charcoal treats. however, he LOVES Altoids. I highly recommend them to anyone who can get their dog to eat 'em.
Peppermint farts!

Oh, and they do a great job at getting rid of that awful D.O., too.

I had a dog growing up who’d SBD fart, and know she’d done it, because you’d see her looking around almost guiltily. You’d sniff, and exclaim her name, and she’d put her ears and tail down and go sit farther away from you.

One of my ferrets will rarely fart while sleeping, but it doesn’t smell. Only way you’d know is by being near their cage, you’d hear a sound rather like a bit of air being let out of a pinched balloon neck, almost a squeak but definitely some air release sound too. It’s more funny than anything else, thank goodness.

My cat’s fart smells like cat butt.

You think that’s bad?

Don’t give your dog broccoli.
The dog came to my room (Lab retriever) let a SBD and left. I didn’t know what he did until it hit me.

Ever smelt the rotting fart & Broccoli?

No? Lucky you.

I have been laughing all the way through this thread. I feel for y’all, but I have to admit…I have used dog farts as weapons!

A few years ago I had too many roommates. We had a big house, but it was crowded. Six people, five dogs, four cats, thirty fish and a tortoise. Yeesh!

One of my roommates was a BITCH FROM HELL™, and she had a little chihuahua mix named…Pun’kin. Pun’kin was 15 years old, and one of the baddest little old ladies I’ve ever met. Bug eyed, palsied, crooked, and cantankerous. Had no idea she was the size of a football.

Pun’kin was very, very sensitive to vegetables, especially broccoli and cucumbers, and liked to sleep ALL THE WAY under the covers of the BFH and her boyfriend. Whenever they had a fight…which happened at LEAST four times a week, it would engulf the entire house and sometimes part of the block we lived on…BFH always picked the fights, and no matter how hard boyfriend tried to stop them, they always got worse…screaming and howling…her throwing punches and never actually landing them…(did I mention she was crazy?)

But I digress. I learned how to get back at her by feeding Pun’kin everything that would make her fart. She LOVED these foods, and would eat everything that would make her stink. By stink, I mean, emit a gasseous cloud so toxic, so life threatening, you were grateful to only have your hair turn green instead of lose your eyesight and three other senses besides. Pun’kins farts were really what powered the A-bomb. They are solely responsible for the hole in the ozone layer. They cause psoriasis, indigestion, acne, scoliosis, and a host of other unmentionable diseases.

I reviled in pleasure the night I heard, “AAAH! THUMP…Ka POW!!” 'bout three o’clock in the morning. This was the sound of the aftermath of a particularly noxious Pun’kin fart, the BFH being enveloped in a cloud of vapor, falling out of bed, and then running into a wall in a blind panic.

Talk about gratifying payback.

My rottie, Sampson, is an ASBD ( almost silent but deadly) farter, if the rest of the house is quite you can hear , psssshh, like a balloon losing air. It sounds so cute and innocent but then your eyes start to water and you can’t breathe. He is a super stinky boy sometimes.

I meant if the rest of the house was quite QUIET. Yeha that’s it, I am not really as dumb as I seem…actually today I am

Our Dalmatian has two different forms of gaseous emisions. There are the silent ones, which clear rooms and cause eyes to water. He can convert any kind of food into these. Table scraps make it worse, but he’s an accomplished thief, so it’s hard to prevent.

Then there are the loud ones. These rarely smell, and are caused by some wierd dalmatian design flaw. When he stands on his hind legs, his back end toots. If he’s moving around on his hind legs, such as when he’s inspecting the kitchen counters for things he might like to inhale, he becomes practically musical. Guests have been reduced to tears ( of laughter) by this display. He doesn’t seem to get what the fuss is about.

When anyone farts in front of my dog, he leaves. It’s great when you have a friend over who lets loose an SBD. Suddenly my sound-asleep dog will raise his head, look DIRECTLY at the culprit, fake sneeze, and then get up and leave the room.