Damn You Dogs!!! Stop farting!!!

It’s awfully hot today and we’re all closeted up in the only room that has a/c, and you two just won’t stop farting! Tahoe, when did you eat so much garlic?! Bélu, why did you just make a stench like the women’s lav at the Greyhound station?! What is going on with you two that you have to rotate the stench in here every fifteen minutes–as soon as the ghastly sense memory starts to fade one of you starts up again.

I’m trying to study damnit. It’s annoying enough to listen to Spanish dialogue tapes without swimming in stink.

I’m going to put corks in the both o’ youse if ya keep it up, just you keep gassin’ and see…

Sometimes the only way I know my dog Kim is alive is by the fact that she emits farts. Kim is short for Kimchee, as it described the contents of her cranium quite well. Now the name takes on new poignancy.

Was that “poignancy,” or did you actually mean “pungency?”

Even my wolf hybrid’s worst gaseous emanations cannot hold a candle to my cat’s fugs. And even if he did …


It is the dog’s nature to speak from both ends. Now you must learn acceptance.

funny how my MinPin farts and doesn’t know it came from her butt. Sometimes it startles her and she needs to turn around and sniff away at the new gas in the air. Don’t dogs know that they emit such gases from their own asses?

oh and Qadgop are you Korean? Cuz isn’t kimchee a spicy pickled delicacy of korean cuisine? I guess I need to crack open your dog’s skull and get me some kimchee hehe. And might as well eat the dog too since all of us Koreans can’t resist the taste of dog meat…

Count yourself lucky. My younger dog decided to decorate the inside of his crate and almost all his fur with feces today. I feel bad for the poor baby, it’s neverhappende before so his poor tummy is probably upset but still walking in the house after work was not a pleasant experience.

My dog sleeps in my bed, under the covers. He isn’t known to be a farter. The other night I woke up and while still about half asleep, I could smell something awful. Took me a second to figure out it was DOG FART! Man, at least he couldn’t hold the covers over my head :smiley:

My dogs sleep in my bed, under the covers, too. However, they are known to be farters.
Unless one of you has a Boston Terrier, trust me. You haven’t begun to smell the true stench of dog farts.


You dumb dog!

Get out from under that chair before Totuga shits on you!

No, no the stinkiest farter in dog land is a rottweiler. Luckily that was not the feces decorated one today. Thank goodness

Our boy went through that, but it was part of his sep. anxiety. Luckily:rolleyes: , he was also copraphagic, so he’d clean up some of the evidence. There is no greater joy than hosing out a shit smeared crate, unless it’s cleaning diarrhea out of your new car’s upholstery (our little girl did that).

Duke of Rat, Libélula woke us up the other night with one…“Is there a tire burning in our bed?”

My chihuahua is pretty foul. And he leaves the scene after giving me that “what did ya do that for” look.

Man, the dog we had when I lived at home was an SBD farter. You’d be sitting there minding your own business and suddenly this…wave…of odor would hit, your eyes would start watering, and you’d be gasping for air. And he’d be laying there. Probably smirking.

I’ve got you beat. My former dog (what we called a dollar dog : one quarter Lab, another Dobie, another Staffie and the final one English sheepdog) was a serial farter who liked to sleep in our beds, under the blankets and if possible with a pillow under her head, also if she had to go when we were not there, she went and did it in the bathroom, what can you say, an overcivilized dog. I still miss her and her half-sister.

Anyway, to get back to farts, one night while she was sleeping in my bed (it was summer, so she was above the covers), she cut one lose, a few seconds later she woke up and after a single sniff, just moved away without a by-your-leave ! Farts powerful enough to wake the farter !

Oh lord…that’s so true. =/

ahh, tooting the air trumpet…making some air poops. if you had no pooch, whom would you blame your’s on?

Bitz the Wondermutt is 1/2 Rott and 1/2 Black Lab. She is on the list of UN recognized bio-agent delivery systems. My house is just under 3000 sq ft., and you can smell a Bitzcuit from one end to the other.

I made a wonderful discovery a couple of years ago, not too long after Bitz came to live here: Mother Hubbard’s brand Char-Tar charcoal buscuits. The odor reducing power of these treats cannot be exaggerated. They are a gift from the gods. I give Bitz one in the morning and one at night. She still farts like a frat boy, but the smell has completely gone.

I recommend these to any and every dog owner. Get them. Your dog and your nose will thank you.

Of my two dogs, one of them used to fart pretty bad.

It was amazing how a miniature schnoodle could far so badly as to clear a room.

That’s when I switched him from Kibbles N Bits to Iams mini-chunks.

Not a far since.

-Joe, and man it was horrible

My little puppy farts about twice a week. It’s so rare, i get surprised every time. He snores, however. Loudly. The other night he had positioned one nostril agaist something, so it was ZZzzz on the way in, and trumpeting on the way out. A bizarre experience at 4.30 a.m.

Our golden doesn’t fart too often, but when he does, if you hear it you’re okay. If, on the other hand, you start wondering if there was a sewer backup into the house…egad. At the first hint of stench, RUN, Rusty’s farted again!

He apparently used to be worse about it, thanks to having a very sensitive system, but a normal diet seems to have mostly straightened it out.

Just for the love of Og do not give that dog cheese…