Damn you Mike Nichols!

Dammit! Doesn’t he realize how important it is that we see Natalie Portman fully naked?

Now I’m creeped out thinking that Natalie Portman’s father wants to see her bare ass. Poor choice of words, there, Natalie.

Wow, that News blurb is very poorly worded.

“Actress Natalie Portman ordered director Mike Nichols” sounds like there was a battle over it.

“Nichols is very protective of the 23-year-old” sounds like it was a mutual decision.

“. . . decided raunchy shots of her fully nude were gratuitous and should be deleted” sounds like it was the Director’s choice (Nichols).

My guess is that from the very beginning of the project they agreed that the shots would be filmed then, when it came time to put the final cut of film together, they would decide together, with certain weight given to Portman’s feelings on the matter, whether or not the footage best served the film. There was probably very little conflict over this. I think the only aspect that makes this newsworthy is that people are very likely to click on a story that has a headline suggesting “Natalie Portman Nude!”
I don’t feel particularly inclined to damn Mike Nichols over this. This movie looks like it’s going to be incredible. I can’t wait to see it- A naked Natalie Portman was never among the top influences on my enthusiasm for this film. It’s got so much else going for it.

Also, I just can’t say I’m all that interested in seeing Natalie Portman naked. Although she is now 23 yrs old her body is still very adolescent looking. I just don’t get aroused by a body that isn’t physically mature. (I’m just 29- I don’t think it’s particularly creepy for a 29 yr old to want to get naked with a 23 yr old, but Portman- as an individual- just happens to have a very adolescent looking body.) I do think she’s very beautiful, but in a non-sexual kinda way.

Count me among those who think Nichols deserves damning over this.

Sorry, but I damned Nichols years ago so you don’t need to worry about it.

If it helps, in May you’ll be able to see Portman make an ass of herself in Revenge of the Sith.

[crosses fingers] Extra feature on the DVD. Extra feature on the DVD. Extra feature on the DVD. Extra feature on the DVD. Extra feature on the DVD.[/crosses fingers]

So… Ilsa. You like older women, huh?

It feels kinda strange writing that, being twenty years her senior. And I can emphatically say, I have no desire to see her nekkid. She’s just a child, fer chrissake.

Of course, this IS the internet, after all. I’m sure the shots will show up somewhere. Mr. Skin would be the most likely.

Nichols can make up for it by replacing the scenes with some of Clive Owen naked.

Ahh, but what if HIS dad doesn’t want to see HIS bare ass…

Apparently it’s not as much of an issue, since I just read on a fansite that Owen has already appeared naked in a couple of movies.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to visit Netflix…

I’m much more interested in Portman boobs anyway. :wink:


Lemme see now…Portman accepted a film role as a stripper, and she was shocked that she might have to be nude in the film? :smack: :rolleyes:

My thoughts exactly! It’s easy enough to fill in the blanks for the downbelow features.

Y’know, I read this as “Nichols can make up for it by replacing the scenes with some of Clive Anderson naked.” originally. Now that’d be something. :slight_smile:

Sheesh. Think I just went blind picturing that.

Yeah, but there are pictures of those.

What portion of the interview indicates she was shocked or surprised in any way?

Slortar, you just made my day and nauseated me. Good job! :smiley: