Damn you Yahoo...Damn you and your unwanted Toolbar!!!

There is nothing worse than installing a program that installs other little programs the mess things up.

My wife installed Yahoo Messenger today (Against my better judgment) and it decided to throw in a freaking Toolbar into IE!


The toolbar area on my IE is two bars high. The top one had the menus and the address bar, and the second one has the back, forward, etc buttons. I set it up this way so as to maximize the viewable area.

But now I have this stupid freaking Yahoo! bar!

And get this!

You can’t go into the View>Toolbars and remove it!!!

(This is where this turns into a General Question.)
Does anyone know you to remove the toolbar without uninstalling the stupid messenger program?

There should be a small pencil icon on the toolbar, under it should be an option to remove Yahoo! Companion. Personally I love it and use it all the time.

I’m sure it can be useful. No doubts there, butI would prefer an option not to install it.

I went to the Pencil and all I can see is:

Now, does that uninstall remove the toolbar only, or the toolbar and the messanger?

It should just remove Yahoo! Comapnion.

That worked.


Ummm…next time? Just hit F11.

That maximizes IE and you see NONE of the extraneous bullshit.

Okay…I just did it and yes, I [b[am** a fucking idiot. Disregard my last post cause the damn thing will still be there.

and I obviously don’t know how to code right either.

Aren’t all these search engine/Directory toolbars the result of Uncle Bill’s policy of world domination. If IE didn’t have it’s own MSN engine set as the immovable default ‘search’ (or preferably not at all), there would be no need for any of these workarounds. Would there ?

Anyhoo, Opera has Google as it’s default search engine - my take: download Opera, plonk the Opera icon on your bottom bar, click and search with Google while surfing with IE.