Damnable System Administrators!

For some reason, about 50% of us at work have most of our customization abilities disabled on our NT machines. The other half can do whatever they damn well like.

I call suport, and ask them if they’ll grant me permission. They say no, there’s a policy against it. I say what about the other half? They reply that the policy has since been rescinded.

And this means that I can’t get more rights on my PC? Because I’ve been here longer, and have more seniority?

Crock of crap.

Sons of Bitches! And sometimes they flood the bathrooms!
(If it makes you feel any better, I would have granted you permissions. And taken you to lunch. And rubbed your feet)


Mr. Cynical, you’re just not part of the “in” crowd. Either that, or it’s a vast conspiracy, of which every man, woman, and child on the planet except you is a part of, the purpose of which is to annoy you and only you.

Oops, I gave it away… sorry, guys…

We systems admins (even us so called Information System Managers) have a lot of power.

It’s all a power trip baby, I am telling you!

This type of situation arises because NT admins don’t know their ass from their elbow.

Or TCP from UDP for that matter.

Yes, I am an arrogant Unix person.

I make it a point to do little “favors” for our sysops at work (fix the kids basketball hoop, weld a muffler, etc) on company time. So a few months ago, when the company dictated that the internet be shut down on all production floor computers. It took about ten seconds to call in the favors. My tool room computer hums merrily along.

Sucking up? I prefer to think of it as “creative job enhancement”. You just gotta know which back to scratch.

I’m thinking you guys are on the right track with your opinions.

I have become so frustrated as to consider contacting l0pht, and seeing what they have to offer as far as cracking admin privelages.