Happy Sys-Admin Day!

Linky here.

So for all of us who are systems administrators, today is the day to honor and celebrate everthing that we do.

In light of today’s celebration, I think it is quite appropriate that I link to the Bud Lite commercial that honors us company computer guys.

Pass me some cake and a Bud, I know I’ve earned it. :slight_smile:

Pass me a Guinness.

Today I found out that the lead network administrator, who I have had to fight tooth and nail for four years because he is an Ass Clown, CtAC himself, has been …

Yay!!! More control for catsix, less network fuck-ups from Chuckles, the Ass Clown!

I don’t suppose you all can hold off the party until I finish my upgrade the weekend of 8/13, can you? If not, don’t worry. I’ll stop by and drop off a casserole or something.

Meh, I liked “Steak and a BJ Day” way better.

He sounds more like, “Chuckles, the **No Talent]/b] Ass Clown” to me. :smiley:

Lord Ashtar,
I see no reason why we can’t just make this a 2 week Sys-Admin party. Just extend the celebration out to finish on 8/13.

So who’s going to buy a brewski for Jerry?


When is mod day? How about junior mod day?

Pass me the LART.