Today was System Administrator Appreciation Day

I had this in my work email this afternoon. It was sent to everyone in the office as well.

Heh heh. nice huh? Sysadmin-ing is such a thankless job - unless you come to the rescue and save everything at the last minute. Sadly, the problem often gets blamed on you at the end of the day anyway.

“What do you mean the power supply failed and took the board with it? Why don’t you test for things like that?”

It was nice to have people coming up to me all day saying thanks.

As a side note, this was my day: I started the day on a telephone conference call to train some people on a new backend I installed on a website. The two workstations from hell mentioned above were a new-ish everything-on-the-motherboard Dell (shutter) and a old Micron PII450 running Windows XP (scream, run away). Both were being bastards, the PII450 wouldn’t even power up. I had to upgrade our mail server to fix some security issues. Then, over to the call center to install printer drivers on all the workstations. Back to the server room for back up drive swaps to prepare for the big weeks end backup routine which starts at 7pm. While in the server room I did a quick check up on the new webserver I built this week (which I named “Johnny Internet”). I ended the day converting a new website into a Spanish translated version complete with new Spanish navigation graphics.

The romantic life of an IT guy.

I’m nominally third of three programmers in a small software shop - our “I.T” guy took this week off to go camping, leaving the unfortunately-most-qualified me to do my stuff plus fix laptops, roll out hardware, and adjust arcane Win2003 ACLs.

I certainly don’t appreciate it. :stuck_out_tongue: