Happy Secretary's Day!

Ah, yes, one of those very silly holidays in which people assuage their guilt with token gestures of appreciation to those they exploit the whole rest of the year (see also: Mother’s Day, Labor’s Day, Earth Day, etc.).

But this is not a Pit thread, so no more whining from me. I just wanted to recognize the day, and wish all the best to my fellow long-suffering secretaries, administrative assistants, office coordinators and other assorted staffpeople.

Here’s to Post-it notes and paperclips, with which we shall rule the world!

Oops. Labor Day. No " 's " on that.
If I were a GOOD secretary, I’d have proofread.

Oh…! You’re a secretary!

Well, that explains the pants problem (described in another thread). :confused:

I got in to work this morning and there was a lovely box of Godiva chocolates and a card on my desk from one of my Directors (incidentally, the only woman in the department). I have only been working in this department for about 2 months, and we just finished a pretty gruelling budget process, so I figured she was just being appreciative.

AL (off to guilt trip the 35 MEN for whom I slave)

Don’t I get the day off?

Well, my clock radio informed me that this is administrative assistants’ day.

NoClueBoy, you are unrelentingly naughty, and it is clear to me now that I should never have mentioned my pantalogical difficulties in your presence.
But you make me laugh, so I love you anyway. :smiley:
AnnaLucretia: I’d never have known myself, if my boss hadn’t brought it up. I kind of wish she hadn’t, because now I have to go to lunch with her, which is always incredibly awkward.

I worked at a law firm for a couple of years that had staff appreciation week. Yes, a whole WEEK to shower us with gifts, food, etc. I still miss all the nice bribery…and nice it was! :smiley:

I share a secretary with two (clueless) attorneys. I ordered this for her. I hope she likes it. :slight_smile:

My calendar also says this. PC at it’s finest.

I thought it was now called Administrative Professionals Day.

I’m gonna have to agree with missbunny on this one, evidently calling someone an assistance is degrading…:rolleyes:

Is there anyone out there who is actually offended at being called a secretary? I mean, what about it is not PC?

Call it what you will, is it just me, or is this holiday to remind the low-level workers of their humble status?

Once I got a box of chocolates or something from some old guy whose memos I had typed as a favor. I had no idea I was his secretary until he gifted me on Secretary’s Day. The sting of that insult will be with me for a while to come, I’m afraid.

Oooooh, can I be your secretary? Please please please? :smiley:

bouv: the term used is irrelevant. It’s the concept of “I serve you; you are served by me” as opposed to “we both serve the organization.”

I have no problem with secretaries conceptually; but if that’s what I am, I’d like to be informed in advance, not on Secretaries’ Day with a box of chocolates. Give me a break.

The old guy I mentioned was a special case. I took pity on him because he couldn’t use his computer at all. Turns out I had made myself into his secretary, in his mind, and I wasn’t aware of the fact. Until Secretaries’ Day, that is.

I lobbied HR for over a year to have my title changed to Girl Friday. No one would let me.



PS my Primary Boss (I have 5 on paper, about 40 in practice) has taken to throwing paper airplanes at me every so often today to “show his appreciation”. That ain’t right!

Ugh, I’m stuck in a bad situation. We have two administrative assistants, one of whom is truly and always helpful, while the other one (although yes, I know how INCREDIBLY trying her job is since she is at the front desk, and I’ve had front-line jobs before) is… well, Bad Attitude Personified.

How to do this… how to do this… without really offending one or the other, I mean…

Who invented that? Who decided the administrative folks are the ones deserving of special recognition and flowers and stuff? I like our group’s secretary - she’s a nice person. She does her job. We do ours. Yeah, we’re paid more, but as engineers, our job requirements and responsibilities are quite a bit more than hers. So why does she get a special day? Seems to me if the boss-person wants to recognize her contributions, she’s likely to prefer a check over a potted plant or a lunch. After all, when we do good, we get cash awards.

Was this instigated by florists and Hallmark??

I tend to think that the biggest crock o’ shit is “Bosses’ Day.”


it’s not good enough that i slave for you and get paid shit, i have to buy you a present too?


i’m glad that my boss and i are cool- no gift exchange except xmas and b-days. and that’s usually family oriented. (stuff for our kids or office decor)

It depends. How good do you look in a short skirt?