"Administrative Assistants' Day"

Did I blink and miss it? When did “Secretary’s Day” have its name changed to “Administrative Assistants’ Day”? Or is this an entirely new holiday I’m not aware of?

Just curious. I don’t understand these things.

Holy crud, I have NO idea why I put this in Cafe Society.

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When did “Secretary’s Day” have its name changed to “Administrative Assistants’ Day”?

—The same day that “used cars” became “pre-owned vehicles.”

Hey Res on my (secretarial) calendar it’s Administrative Professionals Day. As a secretary, I must say, I think it’s all bullshit.

[sub]can i say bullshit in the cafe?[/sub]

IANAS, and IANAAA, but I agree it’s bullshit. Secretary strikes me as sounding a lot more dignified and professional than administrative assistant. Secretary even contains the word secret, and suggests someone who is entrusted with grave organizational secrets, and may exercise some executive ability when their boss is away.

But hey, what do I know? I also think real estate agent sounds better than realtor so there you are.

It is B.S. but nevertheless, if I don’t send flowers to my ** Secretary** that day… her heart will be broken and none of my filing will get done for the rest of the year. It’s an excuse to show appreciation to some of the most-underappreciated professionals out there.

Except mine, who is exactly like Edith Bunker.

Our secretary is a nice lady, but we do our own correspondence, our own timecards, answer our own phones, make our own travel arrangements. She scans certain outgoing documents and e-mails them to the recipients we specify. And she, um, I dunno - helps the boss, I think. I’m sure her work is valuable to him, but for the rest of engineering, she’s just the lady up front. Hard for me to care about secretary’s day.

My boss was out of town for secretary’s day, so I didn’t even get a card. The office of the building DID send flowers to all the AA’s for valentine’s day though, which I thought was pretty cool.

As much as I hate my job though, the only thing my boss can do to make me smile is to fire me so I can collect unemployment.

Are you sure it’s the same thing? If it is, I missed it completely. Not all secretaries are administrative assistants. The school secretary at the elementary school and the department secretary at the university English department where I work aren’t assistants to anyone in the administration. Dang it. I can’t beleive I missed it because of a stupid name change.

And Administrative Professional’s day? Wouldn’t that be a day dedicated to the Administrator rather than the secretary? That makes no sense at all.

Secretary: 4 syllables.
Administrative Assistant: 8 syllables.
[sarcasm]Never say in four syllables what you can say in eight.[/sarcasm]
[barb]Brevity is the soul of wit.[/barb]