Damned Idiots

I can’t believe no one started a Pit thread about the election with the title “Springtime for Hitler.” I mean, if you’re pissed about Bush winning, then this was a tailor made opportunity to use that. So much for the quick wit of the Dopers.

Please go and read the thread entitled “Fuck you Diogenes”, then come back here.

Yeah, I read that. I didn’t say that someone had to constantly refer to Bush as Hitler in the thread. They could have started out with, “Okay, so he’s not Hitler, but he’s a definate fuckwad…”

So go and start that thread, then. No need to call anyone a damned idiot. :wink:

You want someone to invoke Godwin’s Law in the thread title?

Whatever for?

I take it you’ve never seen The Producers.

Its “Fall”.

No, no, no, It’s winter for Poland and France.