Pitting the pittings about the copious anitBush threads

You, like all of use here, have a choice in what you read. If you don’t care for them, then for fuck’s sake, don’t read them.

Jesus, how long until people start bitching about all of the threads about people bitching?

Funny how advice like that can work both ways, innit?

Yes. That’s why I didn’t open this thread. Oh, wait… :smack:

It is not just the copius anti-Bush threads, but how it leads to an air that puts down dissension. Anyone who says otherwise is immediatly piled on by twenty other posters. Even worse is the threads in the other forums that don’t have a damned thing to do with Bush, or politics at all, and get a number of posts that are filled with, or make allusions to anti-Bush rhetoric; example.

Fuck, you people have become worse than the Republicans that used to always complain about Vince Foster and Whitewater.


Me spell gud won dai.

A person doesn’t have to open and read all the threads to be annoyed at being bombarded by them in the pit and GD, the titles say it all.

Yeah, I remember a happier day when these forums were filled with a cornucopia of fascinating threads concerning things I really care about, like fluffy kittens and the merits of circumcision, not this boring political stuff.


Hey, I could go for a good bashing fluffy kittens thread!! :smiley: (not really, I think cats are cute).

You’ll circumcise my cat when you pry it out of my cold, dead paws!

Oh ouch damnit! I laughed, and choked. Maybe it’s that it’s late, and I have a migraine, but that was just awful. In a sick but funny way.

Here you go: The Infinite Cat Project.

Okay, so I’m easily amused tonite, but isn’t it kinda funny that the thread started by MrTuffPaws is turning out to be about cats?

Okay, I thought so,

>slinks away

Help, help! I’m being oppressed! :smiley:

Wut use tawlken bout?

So sorry, even though I am of age, I am still suckling on a spell checker. Pubic education and all… :wink:

Isn’t that what this thread is?

This thread is your thread,
This thread is my thread,
From the red-blood gore-fests
Of the melt-down Pit-heads,
To the Great Debate fights
That get transferred Pi-i-i-i-i-tward;
This thread belongs to you and me.*

*Some restrictions may apply. Void where banned. YMMV.

I say fuck 'em too. Bush is an asshole, and people are pissed off. It’s not our responsibility to sit around silently so Republicans can continue to lie to themselves and pretend he’s not a fucking retarded asshole from hell. Even if we did, the facts wouldn’t change. You elected him, assholes. We tried to warn you. Now you can admit you made a mistake or shut the fuck up.

Oops, one mistake in my post. You voted for him, but you didn’t elect him. He was appointed by a secret cabal or something. He wasn’t elected.

I don’t particulary like Bush, but I do get pissed off when somebody just has to annouce, for no reason at all, that they so despise the guy that they apparently cannot let a single thread go by without putting in an anti-bush remark in there somewhere.

Case in point:


A thread which had absoloutly NOTHING to do with politics at all, and out of the blue, a “Bush is an asshole” thread. Just because you may be right dosen’t mean you have to put it everywhere! God Knows there’s enough threads soley devoted to Bush Bashing to sate such longings.

Your case in point is actually here and it seems like a reasonable explanation of the difference between telling and showing, which is the topic of the thread. It’s not rjung’s fault that astorian (and now you, two fished in on one post!) rose to the bait.