Holy Fuck give the goddamn Bush threads a break!

Jesus Christ it’s almost impossible to browse through the Pit and GD when every 5 seconds the same fucking people are posting a fucking “GWB is a liar/POS/douchebag/etc///” thread. These are always based on “brand new” shit that “came out” in the press that everyone already fucking knew.

Also, every single thread that discussed Iraq, soldiers dying or acting like fuckups, or America in general is NOT just another chance for you to tell us how Bush sucks, lies and eats shit.

If it comes out that GWB had a cat named Soozy instead of a cat named Suzy like he said 15 years ago I’m sure there will be a thread in here in a matter of minutes lighting him up for being a lying piece of shit.

Pick your fucking fights people.

To the 10 or so people who repeatedly post the same tired shit over and over: We know you don’t like Bush. Shut the fuck up about it already.

Hey Stinkpalm!
How ya doin?
How about those WMD’s?
Are you volunteering to pay my share for W’s little overseas escapades ?
Then shut the FUCK up!

Hear, hear. And no, I don’t read them, but is it really necessary to go posting every tiny little thing? We don’t have to actually open the thread to have to be constantly bombarded by the ridiculous subject titles.

A lot of things, a person wouldn’t know if they stuck to mainstream media, especially Fox. Also, a person can often get more information/followups in a thread about it, if they can’t scour every source out there. This forum exists to spread information and fight ignorance. Talking about a subject is a way to do both things.

Cite for the “eating shit” part? Anyway, Bush does lie. A lot. Why shouldn’t people point that out? Obviously there are millions of people, several of them teeming, who haven’t heard that yet, or don’t believe it, or don’t care.

Maybe, but most of George W. Bush’s lies have been somewhat more important than that. They’ve killed people. Iraqi people. American people.

Such as? What exactly are you bitching about?


Fuck you: You have a choice. If you don’t like them, then don’t fucking read them.

It’ll get worse before it gets better.

sigh. You’re so, so right. I wish there were a separate, temporary forum for them, just until a little after the election is over.

I think this is the third “enough with the Bush threads” thread in as many days.

Just saying, y’know?

Let’s criticise him while we still can…

I think a separate forum called “Politics” is a good idea.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, does that say anything to folks? Like "huh, 3 different threads by three different people griping about the huge numbers of bush/republican bashing threads.

For one thing, I find it curious that of all the political threads, almost all are antibush, or anti republican, and few are anti kerry or democrat bashing.

That suggests a few things to me. First, either this board is either a LOT more left than it seems, or the bush supporters aren’t anywhere near as rabid as the bush haters.

And as I said a few times now, the hatred, smugness, and self righteousness shows up very clearly in all the titles, so we don’t have to read the threads to see.

I have gotten to the point (and not just because of the dope, it seems that this is being paralled out there in TV land and all over), where I wish they’d both get kidnapped until this was all over, and we would have the option of new better choices.

Mostly the thing that bugs me is each side calling the other side “stupid” because their opinion on what’s best is different. And the strength and hatred in which that attitude is given. Not so much the subject matter, but the nastiness with which it’s spelled out in the thread titles.

Oh well,

Help get rid of him, and the threads will stop the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday in November.

Unless, of course, he starts another war between election day and the Inauguration.

Seriously…give the fucking ‘give the fucking bush threads a rest’ threads a fucking rest.

This is not an overwhelmingly left-leaning board. Non-partisans and even many Republicans HATE the man.

My grandparents, who have always either voted Independent or Republican are voting against Bush. I know that doesn’t mean anything to you but it tell me a lot.

You first. How about no more threads about Bill and Monica, Hillary, Kerry’s medals, his wife, and Ted goddamn Kennedy and Mary Jo. That last bit is only what? 33 years old?

What’s your point? It’s not possible to both dislike Bush and be sick to death of seeing 10 new anti-Bush threads every single damn day?

Do you really think that whining and complaining and being hateful to those with different opinions is going to make them vote “the other way” if the people being hateful and propagandizing the states are annoying enough?

Good grief.

Not necessarily, CS. I haven’t posted/ started any of these threads, but I can sympathize. Because I’m a baby-eating hippie? Because I’m a rabid “bush hater”? (I’m pretty happy with mine, thanks) No. I read those posts because I have never felt so disconnected from my government. I have not found any really effective ways of expressing my discontent with the government. Let’s think about my options for action:

-Protests - GW Bush has already said that he does not pay attention to protesters, and they will not affect his decisions in any way. So protesting is not effective since he (supposedly) pays no heed to them.

-Writing letters - I can and have done that. However, beyond the state level (WI), this is not an effective action by an individual.

-Educating myself. I read, I talk to people, I learn about the lies GW has told that should piss off liberals and conservatives (the erosion of state’s rights; the failure to comply with the promised AIDS aid; the proliferation of documents supporting the lack of connection between al Qaeda and Iraq; the erosion of civil/ human rights…)

-Talking to others. Yup, do that. And I’ve signed petitions, and will do some volunteering for Feingold and Kerry.

But none of these methods ameliorate the feeling of alienation and frustration I have with the government. Don’t overgeneralize - I’m not opining that I should have constant influence, but when millions of people protest and the reaction is a “Meh” from the president, it makes me feel like my views don’t matter. It makes me feel impotent. In other words, the ‘anti-bush’ posts are a way of expressing frustration with a government that has systematically deconstructed the traditional means.

Well don’t be so goshdarned reasonable :smiley:

Yes, YOUR methods all sound civel and reasonable, and I don’t disagree with the need to blow steam with how you feel, or how others feel about it. My main beef is the sheer number of them, and the smug “we are the only correct ones” and the hatred in the titles.

Unless all of the people in those threads (of Both sides, I’m not just picking on anti bushers) have some access to government docs, no one American really has access to any more “correct” information as to whats going on than the rest of us.

All the rest is just interpretation and abliity to ferret obscure (not network news) articles and such.

CivIL damnit!!!

Or it means that Bush is an incredible fuckup who’s ruining the country, whereas all they’ve got on Kerry is that he’s a little stiff, has a rich wife, and is a “liberal” (oooh noooo!).

Consider that sometimes people get bashed a lot because they deserve to get bashed.

No. My point was that it’s possible to hate Bush and not be a “lefty”.