Damned SDMB...technical glitch?

Okay, okay…

This has been a problem for a long time, but now that I’ve switched from Outlook Express to Thunderbird I can no longer access my Hotmail through a nice, convenient shell.

So now a minor annoyance has become a major one.

From what I understand, if I’m subscribed to a thread I should be notified when there has been a response. However, according to the emails from the SDMB…

Wanna bet? I’ve got a Hotmail box stuffed with 'em. Visit the SDMB. Don’t visit the SDMB. I still get a message for (nearly) every reply to a thread.

Anyone else having this problem or am I just lucky? Anyone find a way around this problem?

-Joe, vexed

I have that problem, but it seems pretty random.
I’ll either get an email for every freaking reply, or none at all and have to keep checking my subscription list (which has just hit 704 subscriptions as of now :eek: ).

I have a filter on my mail that takes all the notifies and sends them to a special folder. The to: address is always the same for notifies and different than things the mods would send (I think…) so you can get rid of one but not the other.