Subscribed Thread Notification Problems

I have recently changed my email address registered with the SDMB (the old one received too much spam, so it is not useable), and now I don’t receive email notifications from my subscribed threads any more.

My email address is correctly entered. There is no filtering active on the server. The threads are all correctly tagged for instant email notification. I have tried removing the subscriptions and resubscribing - no change.

Any ideas? I will check this thread periodically. On the other hand, if I suddenly receive a notification from it, then I expect an admin will have sorted the problem :slight_smile:


All your settings look correct. I don’t know why you’re having problems receiving those emails. Is it possible they’re hitting your spam filter?

your humble TubaDiva

The spam filter is off. It is possibile that the server (which I don’t administer) has some filter settings which I can’t control. I don’t see why it should hit SDMB messages, but I’ll take out a webmail account and try it on that.

Thanks anyway