Damned Simpsons flashbacks!

I hate it when the “new” episoide is a poorly-written excuse to make another flashback episode.

Matt Groening, don’t make me come down there, baby!
(shakes fist threatening towards whatever the hell state Matt is in right now)

For being a Flashback episode, I liked it…and hey, every season has at least one of them, right?

They’re running out of steam. Time to join Pogo and Opus in Heaven.

Yeh, that really blew… At least Kang and Kodos howed up, but they ended up being lame in the end too. Damn the Simpsons is really starting to suck.
And the reruns at 6:30 are all newer episodes they never show anything older than a couple years/

For 28 minutes, it was painful. But the closing song had me laughing my ass off. Homer jumping a shark! Heheheheh. I can’t wait for the robot Marge episode!

What annoyed me was that the clip of Homer pretending to steal Moe’s car for the insurance money was shown when the Simpsons were talking about their “good old car.” It was Moe’s car, not Homer’s!!


There’s damn near a thread about this episode in every forum! [comic book guy]Worst episode ever![/cbg] It looks like the show might have finally jumped the shark and next week’s episode doesn’t look very promising. (Homer as the Hulk? Uh, WTF? Perhaps Fox is trying to promote the new Hulk movie?)

Ugh. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Were there any flashbacks to other flashback episodes?

Dammit you bastards [shaking fist]! Don’t you know there are Dopers out here on the West Coast that haven’t watched the Simpsons this week yet!

Oh hell, at least I’ve been warned…

Well… even the TV Guide said it was a flashback episode, so I don’t think anything new was revealed here.

Did anyone get the words to the closing song? Please post them if you did. It was GREAT>

Actually, there was. One of the Homer choking Bart clips was from the first clip show (the one with Homer in the hospital).

How many clip shows have there been before last night’s? I only remember two: The April Fool’s one (Homer in the hospital) and the musical one. I’m sure I’m missing one, though…

I think there is one per season, Archive Guy.