The Simpsons have finally jumped the shark!

Just a moment…

Yes! I said it first. Unless this episode is a rerrun, or this couch gag has been used already. Anyway, the couch gag on this ep showed the family recreating the Fonzie stunt.

repeated couch gag…sorry dude. I’d tell you to do a search on “Simpsons” “jumped” and “shark” but I’m afraid you’d overload the server with responses.

And the repeated couch gag is hardly evidence. By that theory, they’d have jumped the shark on their second episode, if my knowledge of couch-gags serves me right.

Aw, blatherschiet.

I believe this thread, started by Eutychus, marks the first showing of this couch gag.

But ya gotta admit that tonight’s was a pretty good episode. “I wish God were alive to see this.” Too bad doesn’t seem to work.

And don’t forget that before the couch gag, Homer jumped a shark in a song parody that was the only funny part of Gump Roast.

Speaker for the Dead, you’ve been whooshed, dude.

Doesn’t this thread appear every Sunday night?

If I recall correctly, the Behind the Laughter episode contained a still of Homer on a Fonzie-style motorcycle above a shark tank in the credits montage. At least I think that was the episode.


Question: did anyoneever email the address Homer mentioned in an episode from this year (or maybe last year)? I think it was. In the episode, Homer was telling it to someone who was writing it down; he therefore mentioned it like 5 times. I’ve never gotten up the kahunas to email it, and just wondered if anyone else has.

That’s chunky…chunky…lover…lover…at AOL. at AOL.

No, that was Gump Roast. Behind the Laughter’s credits had running footage of Homer injuring himself to the tune of Simpsons Christmas Boogie. is a real e-mail address belonging to writer Matt Selman, who tries to answer e-mails as Homer-like as possible.

This episode seemed to capture some of the old magic. Not exactly laugh-out-loud uproariously, but hey…

He sent about 5 different web addresses including the shredder one (which I think had a few dashes in it when I saw it- although I could be wrong)- has anyone checked them all?

BTW: another good episode. They have been on a good run lately. Another example of the rule: if they make fun of Fox = good episode.

And a new Futurama (which didn’t suck as some of the later ones have). Now if they just cancelled that crap The Pitts, and brought back Andy Ricter life would be good.

Solid episode. Sure it was a “Lisa” but the Bart undercurrent was as good as I have seen in a while.

Quality Milhouse line, “Even I beat you up that day…after you passed out.”

Classic “Ralph” Ultraman.

Was that a mini-Kodos/Kang alien that zinged Frink?

IIRC the alien seemed to have two eyes and four limbs, so I didn’t think it was mini-Kang or -Kodos. Not a bad episode, I thought, although I always have significantly less interest in Lisa-centered plotlines. But the more Fat Tony, the better.

I’m still chuckling at Milhouse trying to play baseball. The way he’s thrilled with finally hitting the ball, and then just about kills himself before he gets more than 2 steps away from the plate.

And watsonwil, I too got a kick out of Ralph - “My sash says Ultraman!”