Homer Simpson Live

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So, a segment of The Simpsons that’s going to air in May will feature a “live” Homer Simpson talking about current events.

I’m thinking that The Simpsons has finally had its “jump the shark” moment.

Isn’t that a terrible strain on the animators’ wrists?

I wonder what question to post to live Homer. Maybe, “Do you miss Frank Grimes, or Grimey, as he liked to be called?”

The shark that The Simpsons jumped has been dead for a few years.

I still love The Simpsons, and watch it all the time at work. However I think they have jumped many many sharks throughout the years.

Yes, it died years after it also jumped a shark.

Maybe we can make a list of the Simpson’s shark-jumping moments? Let’s see, before this, didn’t they show Bart’s dick once?

After checking to make doubly sure this isn’t a zombie-

You can’t be serious?!?

I forget where it was from but a few years ago there was a video about shows past their prime and to paraphrase they quickly mentioned how The Simpsons- "…had not only jumped the shark, but killed it, cut it up, eaten it, shit it back out again, then jumped the shit…"

It’s in its, what, 27[sup]th[/sup] season?!? It hasn’t been remotely good much past season 10 or 11 (and that’s being kind).

That was the movie.