X-Files jumps the shark -- officially

That’s the name of tonight’s episode – “Jumping the Shark.”

We’re not the only ones wasting time on the Internet. :slight_smile:



I won’t be watching it, though. I stopped paying attention to the show after the end of the last season. What’s-his-name playing Agent Dogget is a fine actor, but the show just isn’t the same anymore.

I haven’t watched in a very many years, but that’s a fantastic title.


Great title, but a bit late.

If you like the Lone Gunmen (or their short lived series) you really ought to watch. It’s gonna be their last appearance, plus it’s gonna have Jimmy Bond and Yves Whats-er-face too.

Interestingly, tonight’s Simpsons episode included a shot of Homer on waterskis, jumping over a shark. Coincidence?!?!