Dan Haggerty, dead at 74

Today’s sad stat - Dan Haggerty, aka Grizzly Adams dead at 74

Well, crap.

Another cancer death. Fuck cancer.

Didn’t he go completely off the rails after that show ended, nuking his own career?

I seem to recall cocaine being an issue.

My mother’s reaction: “God in heaven, people! QUIT IT!”

I just saw an episode of American Pickers from a couple of years ago that featured him.

Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

At least he made it past 69.

Wow this is an awful week to be an entertainer.

Oh for God’s sake people, actors die every day just like everyone else. It’s not an awful week to be an entertainer unless you don’t think 3 former plumbers, architects or janitors died this week.

snerk :smiley:

The greatest scene in film history, from the beyond crazy 1989 flick “Elves”.

They’re coming fast and furious now. RIP, Dan. :frowning:

Yes they are… Meadowlark Lemon, Natalie Cole, Wayne Rogers, Pat Harrington, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Dan Haggerty.

Don’t even have a chance to catch one’s breath. RIP everybody.

He had quite a colorful life as an animal trainer and actor. I recall he got seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, late 80’s? Haven’t heard much about him in over 20 years.

His son Dylan is an actor too.

Goddamn! I’m just hoping I make it to 69!

I loved that show, Grizzly Adams, and was really pleased when I heard he was involved with my favorite movie, Easy Rider, being one of the bike builders for the shoot.

Goddamn Hippy. Hope you Rippy.

I doubt anyone is being serious when they say that, unless they’re either into a lot of woo or are twelve.

Sadly, he was a staple in my household as a kid and was greatly missed when they took him off the air. So, happy homesteading the big wilderness in the sky, fellow. <— Also not literal :slight_smile:

And Abe Vigoda turns 95 next month…

Not to sully his good name, but I can confirm that he did get busted for cocaine possession not long after Grizzly Adams ended. I remember seeing it on the news and being rather surprised as I was a young kid and used to watch and enjoy his show. This was the late 70s, before cocaine went ‘mainstream’ as it were. Wikipedia doesn’t mention it, so I assume it was just a one-time incident in his life.

It’s true! My plumber has probably brought me greater happiness over the past 20 years than ANY actor or entertainer. Or relief, anyway.