Dang it, still under 50 posts!

How in the heck do I get it in the thousands? Been a member almost 2 months, and still I feel like a newbie. My input doesnt’ seem significant, because you look at the posters, and it’s like:

*Sir Postalot (I don’t know if this is a real member name)
posts-19 789 797

I like pie

posts- 40 (well, 41 now, but still)

As do I. What especially agrees with my palate is the light tingling of the snozberry liquor mixed with the sweetness of the crispy crust.

Lives On The SDMB(ditto the above parenthesis)
posts- 10 989 809 .789 797

uh, yeah, me too, when do you eat em?*

and so on. As you can see, Teppei’s post really doesn’t make an impact, while LOTSDMB and Sir Postalot both seem much more intelligiant. now, what would happen if Teppei had, lets say, 789 445 posts?

*Sir Postalot posts-19 789 797

I like pie

posts- 789 445

As do I. What especially agrees with my palate is the light tingling of the snozberry liquor mixed with the sweetness of the crispy crust.

Lives On The SDMB
posts- 10 989 809 .789 797

Wow, what an intelligiant commentary by Teppei!

Kushy Bimbolino
posts- 432 795 532

I agree! How wonderful Teppei is! Let’s dedicate the whole mb to him for the rest of this day!

I Throw Around Praises
posts 389 238

Teppei, you ARE a sex god, just like your signature says!

And so on.

Now, is there anyway to increase the number of posts without actually posting? Because that’s alot of work, and I prefer recieving worship without putting any effort towards it.

Don’t worry about the number of posts anybody has. Here’s a simple rule, If anybody has more posts than you they are a loser with no life, and if they have less then they are just an inconsequential newbie. :slight_smile:

How do you get a post count in the thousands?

Post 960 more times.

Patience, Grasshopper. As Confusion said, a journey of a thousand posts begins with a single reply…

I have a big bug bite on my left shoulder. At least I think it’s a bug bite.

Oh, this is about posting? Sorry, I thought I was on the “What Makes You a Freak” message board!


Don’t worry. You’ll get there. I did. So did my friend Lauren (Shameless plug: go to her post party).

Hey, you think under 50’s bad, Teppei? This is my third post! Be grateful!


What??? With YOUR measly post count?!?!?!?!?

kicks hypergirl in the ass repeatedly GET OUTTA HERE NEWBIE!!!

teppei, well starting your own thread was a good idea, now reply to these people, then wait for more people to write stuff, then reply again. It gets your post count up a little. And just go on-line more and actually read stuff, make comments, even if they are ignored, you might get recognized someday.


Don’t worry about it. I’ve been a member her longer than most, and I only have like 600 or something. I started a thread not too long ago for people to post their message posting rate. Some people averaged over 10 posts a day! A DAY!!! That’s un-fuckin-believable! Especially when you consider weekends, or days off, or sick time, etc. That means that some people must regularly post 15 - 20 messages a day!

I have a secret for you, teppei… I don’t want my posting ratio to go that high! I feel like I live on this board already.

As for not getting noticed, all I can say is get used to it. I just passed 1000, and maybe 10% of my posts elicit any kind of response. Maybe. On a good day. It has nothing to do with post count, it’s just the way it is here. Most of the posts on the board just are not responded to.

I like pie.

Oh, come on. Somebody had to do it.

Lemme see. I have a post count in the thousands after just four months. On the other hand, my impact is about on the same level as teppie’s. How should this be interpreted?

  1. I have devoted the past four months to the SDMB.
  2. Even so, I don’t really have much to say.
  3. Therefore, my impact is low.

Gee. Looks like you’re screwed if you follow in my footsteps. Keep your post count down and only post when you have something to say. You will be valued as a wise member instead of as a blowhard.

Although you may feel that you are looked upon as a mere newbie (and you are) you may some day achieve the status you desire as one with with so many posts others will wonder if you have any life outside of this board. I think I am somewhere in between newbie and one who appears to have no life… what would you call that?

Hey, don’t sweat it–and welcome to the asylum. “The numbers” are so wrong in all meaningful ways. True fact: it still freaks me out being classed as anything but a newbie.

'Tisn’t like other folks weren’t/aren’t kind, it’s just…whaddya mean, I’m an adult!? Don’t wanna! Can’t make me!

The chorus of voices here seduce and blend, don’t they?

::splorting with laughter over ‘newbieness’::

(remembering Wally; the kindest, crankiest, human, fallible, humane and best friend I never met)

Just operate on the assumption the EVERYBODY is entitled to YOUR opinion and you’ll get there soon enough.

BTW if you ask a simple question and you get a reply like RTFM newbie, don’t sweat it; some people are just assholes. They act like their opinion is so precious one can only get it with a zinger attached. I can only guess it makes them feel more important somehow.

The proper response for that type of comment is as follows.

(Uh no thank you I didn’t order the superior attitude with a side order of snide, but thanks anyway) :rolleyes:

        • Hijack Alert * * * *

If you are not RussellM, I apologize for taking up your time.
If you ARE RussellM, F**K you, you cowardly faceless piece of crap
End Hijack

I almost want to know about that hijak. On second thought, I really don’t need to.

Ignore your post count. Have fun, talk at walls. Or your toaster.

I agree that I will always feel like a newbie. I like being allowably stupid. (When I make mistakes its not because I’m dumb, I’m just a newbie and can’t be faulted.)

Now, you! You right over there! Reply to my post!

I like apple pie.

“I’d like to sing a song about pie…” (Quick, name that movie.)


just as long as it’s pie :smiley:

uh, yeah, me too, when do you eat em?

I like pie with ice cream sometimes. That tastes good.