important are they?

I recently read through a thread (sorry, I can’t, for the life of me, find it) in which someone with a post-count of less than 100 offered advice on searching to someone whose post-count was well over 1,500 (if I remember correctly). It could’ve even been 5,000.

The recipient of this advice shot back something like: “Thank you, I always appreciate advice from experienced posters.” Even without any italics or bolding or smilies, it was clear that this experienced poster’s response was laced with sarcasm and possibly even a bit of snobbery.

So, I got to thinking about post-counts. How long will I be a “newbie”? Do those with low post-counts coupled with a fairly recent “join date” get snubbed by those who have been members for a long time?

I am neither feeling sorry for myself, nor do I wish to offend anyone. I am just wondering…

Well, I think the 1,500+ poster was a wang if their response was as you indicated. I’ve been here for a long time and there are still questions about how the board works (vB stuff) that I don’t have any clue about - a new poster with experience with vB could probably give great advice.

The only thing that’s sort of grating is if a person has been here less than a month, has 12 posts, and all of them are complaining about how the place is run. That gets old mighty quick.


Every time I see a person with less than 100 posts who seems to interact in an intelligent manner and who can string two sentences together without drooling I think “Why don’t they post more?” We have plenty of **Diogenes ** & **Liberal ** & FaerieBeth, each with over 10,000 posts. We need fresh blood and fresh ideas.

So to me, low post count often means a missed opportunity! And I know there are other posters who think like me.

My theory is that it’s kinda like the SAT. A balance of sorts is favored.

Our recently-departed friend Scott Plaid proves that a high post-count is not sufficient to generate respect.

A recent join date and a high post count implies (IMPLIES, before anyone Pits me) that the poster runs headlong into fora without stopping to think or what have you.
An old join date and a low post count implies that the poster is not around much or does not have much to say.
At least, convincing arguments can be made for both points given above. There are refutations of same; however, it is my experience that this is how those two particular ends of the spectrum are regarded.
Is there a magic midpoint or some numerical determination of who is worthy of a baseline level of trust? Perhaps, but I’m damned if I know what it is, and there are enough recent joiners who are significant contributors and enough old-guardsmen whose oeuvres I find stunning (in a bad way) that I’m not even going to hazard a guess as to what that number might be.

I’d say that newbie status is determined by date rather than posts.

Posting to this board for the first time is like walking into a classroom in a new school in the middle of seventh grade. I submitted my first post while peeking at the screen through my fingers.

I don’t have deep thoughts often. When I do, it’s usually when I am nowhere near a computer. My head spins when the math/science whizzes on this board begin discussing the Stuff They Discuss When They Get Together To Discuss Stuff. I feel intimidated by deep political discussion even though I find politics interesting. I usually find myself responding to threads like the “irresponsible parents and their hellspawn kids in a restaurant” one in the Pit (look at me, I can’t even do a link to a thread!). Or pointing out an amusing metaphor or mental picture created by someone’s words. Or offering what knowledge I might have on something.

What I’m saying (or typing, rather) is that it may take me a long, long time to get my count above 1,000. It’s good to know that there are those who won’t calculate my worth based on how many times I “speak up”.

I base “newbieness” on join date, not post count, but even that matters very little to me. It’s mainly about the content of the post. Although, if I see someone with a relatively low post count coupled with an old registration date I tend to pay a bit of extra attention to what they post. I guess because it seems like they’re more likely to post only in those threads where they actually have something interesting to contribute.

Quality is much more important here than quantity.

What happened to Scott Plaid?

If you follow the rule (ie Don’t Be a Jerk) and make an effort to post in the right forum even the newest greenhorn is going to be fine here.

Barring that, remember to kiss up to the mods and admins and always treat the '99ers with respect.

Content uber alles. Every time some “newbie” asks a silly question about vBulletin, I perk right up, because I’m gonna learn something new. I’m quite sure that there is an easy way to put an umlaut over that “u” in uber, for example. I just don’t know how, and haven’t been arsed to learn it. [side trip] Thank you, British Dopers, for exposing me to that particular little bit of language. I’m finding more and more times to use it every day![/side trip]

High count may just mean that the person was laid up for awhile, off work, or on vacation, and could devote time to the Dope that people with jobs can’t. Make most of your posts count, and your post count will take care of itself. But I have to admit, I got a thrill when mine clocked over 5000! :smiley:

[QUOTE=cruel butterfly]

What I’m saying (or typing, rather) is that it may take me a long, long time to get my count above 1,000. QUOTE]

I don’t see a problem with that.

I’ve been here 5 years and just broke 700 posts. I like to read what other people say. They usually state my opinions much better than I could.

Doesn’t matter at all to me. I look at the content of the post and I don’t care if it is post #1 or #5000. I think people with enormous post counts really need a life beyond this board.

See, I can’t even do quotes correctly yet. :smack:



Hear hear! I waited ages before submitting my first post and was certainly as nervous as you.

Yes. It’s a Posts Per Day count of 6.30.

It was I. I offered a topic for conversation and he posted something like “It would have been polite for you to search first.”

I was somewhat ticked. It was that or call him a dukey-butt. :slight_smile:

There are really only 3 post counts that matter at all. Post 100 and 1000 in which you pretty much have to try to start a “look at me, I passed a milestone” thread that a mod will come shut down and post 666 which you traditionally must use to do something evil (for example, I bumped a very old thread of my own that was bitching about God and also used color fonts and smilies).

Any other post, for the most part, will simply be judged on its own merits.

That’s a handy rule of thumb. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy if postcounts were not displayed at all.

I sure am glad that the SDMB does not have titles such as “Junior Member” and “Senior Member” that are related to postcount. I used to be a moderator on a very busy messageboard (over 100,000 members). The board was a great place until it was decided that titles would be awarded based upon postcount. They even created a title for people with over 10,000 posts. They called them “Lifers.” Well, that made the place go to hell in the proverbial handbasket mighty damn quick. Morons were coming out of nowhere, racking up thousands of posts just to get the coveted titles. The increase in sockpuppets and trolls was remarkable.