Dang it, still under 50 posts!

OK seriously though. I’ve never seen anyone here discount an intelligent post simply due to a low post count. No one will think any differently of the quality of your posts just because of the quantity of them.

I have over 1000 posts and many around here still consider me to be an idiot.

BTW - did I mention that I like ice cream with my pie sometimes? That tastes good . . .


Don't discount the fact that some people are cliquish and respond primarily to posts that their O/L friends made. It isn't always content they reply to.

Bump your count and reply to this thread.

Teppei, you’v obviously not discoverd the true are of …

… (make that art of) … Post Padding.

I have about 1102 posts, and I still feel like I’m new. I dunno. I suppose someday everyone will like me. sniff


My mother always serves apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. Must have been a Minnesota law to keep the dairy farmers in business, like undyed margarine.

See? Pointless waste of bandwidth, but it DOES pad my post count.

hey, does it look like everyone’s padding their post count except Teppei?

Seems that way!


Count me in

Well, time to jump on the post padding bandwagon.

My post count is looking a little skinny…

Oh, and I like my pie warm. Nothing on it.

Well… maybe ice cream. Oh, and pumpkin pie has to have whipped topping on it.

damn internet connection.

havne’t been padding cuz a)very busy weekend, and b)compuserve kicks me off every 5 minutes. I’ll be lucky to get this post in. so, i’ll do individual replies tommorow, when the computer/IP isnt’ so damn tempermental. and that oughta really bring up the count. :slight_smile:

I eat em at dusk. And I LUV them with ice cream. I would go so far, in fact, as to say they’re yummy.

a la iampunha!

All hail teppei, the greatest non-newbie! :slight_smile:

“Best use of the word ‘snozberry’ this year.”
Roger Ebert

“A great connoisseur of pie.”
Gene Siskel
(sorry, cheap shot)

“42 great points of light for our country”
G.B., Sr.

I bake great pies - the best is Peach Streusel

…and I’m not above padding either. I feel SOOOOO cheap…

A lifebie?

Here’s how you can avoid being a “newbie” without needing to pad your post count–just tell them you’ve been “lurking” for several months.

Of course, it helps to have registered before you start “lurking.” Like I did. Whoops!!!

I’m still ahead of you teppei :slight_smile:

I always figure that no matter what I have to say, the next guy is gonna have a better and more informative answer. I should stick to the opinion boards, where it’s encouraged to throw your own stuff out there. Or MPSIMS, cuz let’s face it, my life is mundane and pointless.