T Minus Nine And Counting...... (1K Post)

I’ve spent today wondering about what to do with my thousandth post. Some of the ideas:

[li]Another thank you note (already did it for #100)[/li]
[li]The ubiquitous post party[/li]
[li]Celebrating at my “Ultimate Recipe Thread”[/li]
[li]Starting a Thanksgiving recipe thread.[/li]These are some of the ideas I’m considering. Most of them center around posting my killer Triple Sausage Red Wine and Sourdough stuffing recipe. I spent an hour or more today formating it for the SDMB and I think it would make a dynamite holiday gift to everyone.

Anyway, I was just curious…

Of course I’m sure there are those who would suggest that I avoid the entire dilemma by ceasing to post at all…

You could join us in the SDMB Blair Sqwitch project:rolleyes:

LoL… You know what Zenster? From reading your posts sometimes I think this.

Just because you seem like the type of guy that I hated in high school. The guy that always knew what to say, and no matter how hard I tried, was always going to score better than me on that english test.

I have no animosity(sp?) towards you, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that you always reply to many posts with what I wanted to say, long before I can, only saying it so much better than I ever would.

I realize this prolly sounds really silly, but I thought I would share. Hopefully you take this as a compliment. It’s meant as one.

The 1000 recipe post sounds like a good idea. But I’d be there for your post party. :slight_smile:

I assume this really IS the post party? 1. Congrats.
2. Where are the naked dames?

Whatever you do, I will be there to congratulate you. You are one of my very favorite posters (even though I am jealous of you, because you cook, apparently very well). And I will bring party hats for everyone, if you would like.


I am slightly confused here, because~

A) You haven’t GOTTEN to 1000 yet

B) You seem unsure if this is your post party, or just a thread asking for ideas for your forthcoming 1000 post party.

C)I am just generally confused, anyway.

So whatever.

Congrats on 1000, whenever and however you celebrate it!


I need to think of something too…

What the heck Scotticher, let’s make this thread the place. Danielinthewolvesden glad you could make it, the ::ahem:: dancing girls are in the side room. And may I say what fabulous jewel encrusted party hats you’ve brought Spider Woman, no expense spared I see.

Simetra, I’ll be happy to take your words as a compliment. If that’s the worst trashing I get here I’ve gotten off easy. You too mojo, for how shamelessly I promote my recipe thread, how can I fault you? As for you Gunslinger, just bring some grenades. We’re going fishing in the morning.

So, since a year or so ago I may have posted a few, I’ll pretend that the party starts now. Let’s see, now what have we here?

::grabs bullhorn::

"It’s party time…"
Danish Tuborg on tap
A keg of Guiness
A case of Harp Lager
A case of Weider’s Cider

Vichon Chardonnay
Sebastiani Eye of the Swan Pinot Rose
Ravenswood Zinfandel
Cakebread Cabernet Sauvignon
Moet & Chandon White Star Brut Imperial

Doornkat Genever Gin
Johnny Walker Black
Aalborg Akavit (frozen in ice)
Dansk Vodka
Chambord Liqueur
Herradura Blue Agave Tequila
Gentleman Jack
Knob Creek Bourbon

Bundaberg Lemon Lime Bitters
Henry Weinhart’s Cream Soda
Stewert’s Draft Cola
IBC Black Cherry Soda
Bundaberg Ginger Beer
Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh Oysters
Peel and Eat Shrimp
Bagels and Lox
Fresh Potato Chips
Fresh Tortilla Chips
Twenty Types of Salsa (I’ve done 22 before)

Potato Salad
Greek Salad
Cheese Raviolis in Pesto
Barbecued Ribs
Seafood Kabobs
Philippine Skewers
Venison Sausages
Fried Chicken
Corn on the cob

Sour Apricot Pie ala Mode
Fruit and Cream Yogurt Salad
Poached Pears
Lime Sorbet

Fruit & Cheese:
Black Twig Apples
Italian Blood Oranges
Asian Pears
Danish Blue
St. Andre
Maytag Blue
Danish Tybo

Sandeman’s Reserve Port
Cherry Herring Liqueur
Mocha con Panna
Darjeeling Tea
Fill up your glass and plate and join the table!

I would’ve hated to miss this spread. Early congrats Zenster.

<grabs a Harp and some mud-bugs for starters>

(Man… Now I’m gonna have to go find a fast-food place that’s open. I’m so hungry. Thanks Zenster.)

Alright, Zenster, since you’re well stocked on edibles and drinkables, I’ll refrain from abusing you for screwing up the page with your thread title. (Who says I’m not a nice guy?)

Happy thousand, a little early.

Damn, Zen, I gained 3 pounds just READING your food list-sheesh.

Scotti: Hi, there- come here often? How yew doin? :wink: Oh, darn, you got Chocolate ALL over your fingers- do you mind if I see how it tastes? :wink:

::smuggles in a bottle of Mesimarja liqueur and snags a seafood kabob::

Kippis Zenster!

Congratulations to you, Zenster!

Even if I think of your Ultimate Recipe thread every time I prepare my special “DRY Kraft Macaroni and Cheese surprise” (the surprise is if I don’t mess it up) and blush.

Best wishes on your next 1000! (How many will be recipes?)

Not often, Daniel, but if I eat much more of this glorious food I won’t be leaving any time soon-I won’t fit through the door!

Now about that chocolate…

Everyting sound so delicious that I’ll have to try some even though I can’t have over half the beverages(wine and suds) because I’m underage. I wish I had something special to say for the thousandth post but I don’t so I’ll do the classy cover-up puts out verticle open hand put ér there pal and congrats.

—////\\ [taps several feet]

And what am I supposed to do with all these extra party hats? & * & * & * & * & *


And this special one for the absent party host?

[professor whoopie voice]

I was just over in the gravity thread explaining how objects release work performed upon them when I noticed the time…

[/professor whoopie voice]

Thank you Spider Woman for the fabulous party hat. I feel like Bartholomew Cubbins* with it on.

That said, welcome to everyone else. Today is going to be a lot of fun. The gift giving is about to begin and my stuffing recipe is about ready to hit the boards. A special thank you to Eutychus for repairing the marquee outside.

So, dig in folks the party has just begun.

*Special door prize for the first person to get the reference.

Zenster posted:

Billy Blanks is black, not Danish.


Party got dull.

Zen, you have as many hats as bart? Wow!

Scotti: I have a pot of chocolate fondue, and a dark corner… :wink: