Totoros 500th Post - A New Low.

Well, I got this far without having a post party. Now is my time. And I’d like to thank a few people. You, for reading this, and me, for making it possible. Thank you.

Congrats, Totoro! 500… that’s 1/2 way to 1000.

That’s a lot of posts.

[sub]Oh yeah. I’ve got almost as many, don’t I? :wink: [/sub]

Congratulations mate! I’ll raise a beer in your name - as good an excuse as any, huh? More power to you, best wishes.


Congratulations, Totoro. sigh I remember when you were just a newbie, making your first posts…

That’s it? No food? No booze? No naked ladies? Just “[t]hank you?” What the hell kind of a post party is this?

And where did you get the idea that we’re not naked, MysterEcks?

Exactly–who says I’m not naked? This is one post party that I’m not keeping my clothes on for!!
Congrats Totoro–one of my best buddies from the boards! :slight_smile:

Good point, Kat. But in this text medium I think it needs to be more overt–it’s time for a Naked Smilie.

How’d you beat me to it?
I gotta get less of a life to catch up to you.
Congrats to you and congrats to me, this is my 350th post.

Congrats Totoro!
Hmm I hit 500 and didn’t even notice it though…I must be slipping, letting an excuse to throw a party slip away like that…

Ah well, here’s a pizza and the obligatory “box 'o wine”.

Congrats mate. Feel like a new man now?
No? Well, how about this cute woman then…

Now I am impressed…
I go away for one weekend, and so many people reach the 500 mark.
Totoro, TP, TM!!!

I drink to yoýu all…
Congratulate you all!!!

And, take of all my clothes yet again!!!

The SDMB and dressing up for some occasion just dob’t go well together!!!
[sub]I am proud to be a member[/sub]

Congratulations, Totoro!

May you have as much fun for the next 500 as you had during the first batch!


Alright, people want booze and nakedness? They’re gonna get it.

::Downs a tequila, and gets up on table::


::Takes off all of his clothes, as quickly as possible::


Since this is a post party, I’m gonna just go wild.

Well, there are certain situations in which you can assume nakedness? (nakedity?), er…nudity…for some of us. You’ll learn which and who soon enough…

I can’t assume *that,*Kat. I am a gentleman.

Alright, quit laughing.


::rapidly approaching 300:: You will come to my party, right?