Dang Vespa tires

Are there any other tires that fit an 2002 Piaggio Vespa ET4 besides the michelin and perelli models? The drive tire wears out after 2k miles from normal use and costs $70. If I drive 1k miles a month, that’s a lot of wasted money and a lot of driving on a tire that could be punctured at any second after 1k miles. The consequences of that happening at 70 mph are scary.

I have heard of the tires that have soft tread on the outside for grip and hard tread on the middle for durability. It would be great if some tires like that were out there for the Vespa.

I do not know what tires you are getting but I have a Vespa and at 15K miles the tires have all the tread. If a car tire lasts at least 40000 miles I do not expect a Vespa tire to last any less.

Exactly right about how they should last longer than 2k. I’m suprised about your tires lasting so long, though. Maybe I am getting ripped off and that’s what I am trying to find out here.

Just curious, how fast do you drive yours? That will factor in to how long they will last…

What brand name are yours and where did you get them/order them?

A better comparison might be motorcycle tires, which don’t last as long as car tires. The tires on my Yamaha (Bridgestone Battleaxe) last about 20,000 miles.

Softer compositions will give you better traction, but they will wear out faster. Look for harder composition tires for longevity, but be aware that they won’t grip as well in turns. (Shouldn’t be much of a factor on a Vespa, but you should be aware of it anyway.)

Fuel, I would have to look up the information as I do not have it at hand. I have a very old Vespa which I hardly use at all and I recently had to replace the tires even though they had perfectly good thread because they were so old they became brittle. I forget the size and price but I do not think I paid more than $20 for the replacement tire. probably in America they are much more expensive because they are so uncommon but in Europe you should get a tire for much less than $70. What are the dimensions?

Look at the Continental Zippys, specifically the 1 & 2. I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about them. I bought some Zippy 3 (whitewall, classic tread) for my old Lambretta scooter but haven’t mounted them yet.