vespa tires

I just got an ET4 Vespa and I’ve put 2700 miles on it and have already had to replace the back tire twice already and it costs 65 bucks plus 40 to install it because I don’t have the tool to install it myself this is really inconvenient and expensive. Is there a tire out there that is both hard and soft. hard in the very center where 90 percent of the wear occurs and soft on the sides for traction around turns. I know you’re probablyb thinking that you also need high traction on the center of the back, but trust me you don’t. The thing doesn’t have enough off-the-line troque to require traction.

Your Vespa scooter is not fundamentally different, in terms of weight or balance, from the other millions of scooters in the world that get by for years with the same back tire.

Sounds like your particular model comes with a particularly soft tire and you should look into something else.

It shouldn’t cost anywhere near $105.00 for a new scooter tire.