Daredevil Season 3 (open spoilers)

I’m on the fourth episode, which features an 11-minute single take that did not use digital stitching according to the people involved. Very impressive and fun to watch.

The season has been pretty good, but I really don’t like when shows make the main characters spend a lot of time apart. And, after Iron Fist not having his powers for most of his second season, we start this season of Daredevil and he can’t hear, his only power! Yeesh.

Still, really enjoying it. Anyone else watching?

All of this senses were messed up from his injuries, but the annoying thing was the false tension about losing his powers. How about letting your body heal before ranting about losing your abilities, Matt. That was just nonsensical, especially for someone who’s spent his entire life training his body - he must have waited out an injury before, and there was nothing urgent needing his attention (that he knew about).

Overall it’s a good season, and probably the last. The Foggy and Karen stories were pretty good, though I still wish they gave Foggy more to so. Kingpin was wonderfully diabolical this season.

Looks like we’ll only get Punisher’s 2 season (already in the can) and Jessica Jones’ 3rd season (currently shooting), and that’ll be it for Marvel on Netflix.

If this is to be the last season of Daredevil, they went out on a high. This season was thematically richer and more interesting than if they had just done a straight adaptation of “Born Again.” All it would need to serve as a series finale would be to replace that final shot of Bullseye with one of Matt back in the red suit.

Just finished episode 5, finding it pretty brutal and dark. Without too many spoilers, can someone tells me if it stays this way throughout or do there start to be some glimmers of goodness somewhere?

It’s a dark season, not everyone gets a happy ending, but there are glimmers of goodness. I personally didn’t like the season, but, of course, YMMV.

What? Where is this unwelcome news coming from?

Disney wants all Marvel content - movies and tv shows - for their upcoming streaming service. They have links to Hulu so they’ve already got Cloak and Dagger and The Runaways, they own ABC so they’ve got Agents of Shield, and the Fox/Disney merger means they’ll get The Gifted and Legion.

Disney has already announced they’re pulling all of their other related content (Stars Wars, Pixar and Disney shows and movies) from Netflix by the end of 2018.

All that’s left is the shows Netflix produces, and who’s just cancelled Luke Cage and Iron Fist and hasn’t renewed Daredevil? The only shows left are Punisher (already in the can) and Jessica Jones (currently filming). Once they stream those, I suspect that’ll be it for any Marvel-related content on Netflix.

Me neither. It really dragged, and all that theological bullshit was just annoying. Also, the fight scenes were not well staged, as it was easy to see the pulled punches and missed swings.

I just finished watching it and I really enjoyed it. D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk was so versatile in this outing showing himself as the brutal mastermind only towards the end. At the beginning you could believe that he turned another leaf, but then as the story went on you realize what kind of a man he really is.

There was also a lot tension throughout that was great. You really were not sure who was really in danger. Of course Murdock is going to survive, but will everyone else, even those close to him? That was not clear which made the Fisk plan and henchmen that more menacing.

While I would not declare this the best netflix Marvel season of all, it is close to the top.


Fun season, finished it today.

I’m glad it lead to a three-way fight between Daredevil, Poindexter, and Fisk. That was a lot of fun and really worth it.

I don’t think it is my favorite Marvel show(Jessica Jones is better), but this one deserves another season for sure.

wait for the disneyflix reboots in 2020 and TNT just scored one over Disney as they own the broadcast rights on all star wars movies for the next 4 years even any that aren’t out yet ……

I liked the season overall. I thought Vincent D’Onofrio did a superb job with Kingpin.

My main complaint was the literal darkness of many scenes. I watched most of the series on a tablet in a darkened room, and it was hard to make out a lot of scenes.

I don’t think this issue with Disney will necessarily spell the end. I read a story quoting a director of Netflix, where he clarified that the character rights are in Netflix’s favour. They only need relinquish the IP if they choose to do so, Disney cannot forcibly take them back. (Although I presume there would be some form of use them or lose them clause in the contract). I can imagine these shows are relatively expensive to make, so would need good ratings to justify keeping them going.

Actually they don’t. Netflix is subscription-based and pull in an estimated $20B a year. The Marvel shows each run about $1M an episode, so they’re a drop in the bucket. While Netflix programs to draw in even more susbcribers, they also just want a steady diet of new high-profile content to tout, regardless of ratings. The Marvel shows generate a lot of press, even if subscribers aren’t watching all of them at the level of Stranger Things. But they seem to want to dump then just to piss off Disney for pulling the other content.

Actually Daredevil is more like $4M an episode, according to reports I’ve seen, which apart from Game of Thrones, is right up there near the top of the tree for per episode costs. So $52M a season is hardly a drop in the bucket IMO. Although saying that, it represents less than 1% of their budgeted $8B (with a B) content spend for 2018.

While true that ratings is not strictly the measure Netflix care about, their real core measure is how many new subscribers a series attracts. Netflix is burning cash at a prodigious rate, and their business plan at present involves big spending on new content to attract ever increasing numbers of subscribers, for as long as subscriber numbers continue to increase suitably they will remain a market darling and therefore be able to continue to access more debt to keep the business rolling.

I have no idea beyond using ratings as a proxy, how they measure how many subscribers are drawn in by a particular series. As long as that number holds up I can’t see them cutting off their nose to spite their face, but then again I’m not a media company CEO, so what do I know.

Wow. I like the show but I’m not seeing $4M on the screen - maybe just filming in NYC?

Netflix started doing series to keep subscribers, not just get new ones. Their revenue was inconsistent because lots of streamers (myself included) were unsubscribing until something motivated us to sign up, then we binged it and unsubbed. As it is, Marvel show releases are the only time I sign up, though I’ll then watch other stuff (just finished Sabrina last week).

I am late on catching up, just watched season 3 episode 4. But I am really confused about the story line as episode 1 opens. Season 2 ended with Elektra’s funeral and Matt showing Karen his mask. Then cut to Elektra in some sort of sarcophagus. The End.

Then S3 opens and all of a sudden he’s washing out from a building collapse. At some point somebody mentioned something about Stick being dead. What the hell did I miss?

You missed The Defenders, a Netflix series teaming up the four stars of the individual Marvel Netflix series. (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist)

Thanks for that. I’ll go back and look at The Defenders. I’m not really immersed into the Marvel Universe. I do find it strange that there were these episodes featuring these other folks and now we’re back in the Daredevil series with nary a mention of any of it. It’s like they are trying to allow Daredevil to continue to be a standalone story but with this big chunk of unexplained missing plot.