Daredevil: Season Two (trailer)


Can’t wait!

Ditto! Glad they gave us a little Elektra there at the end.

Second trailer coming in a week or so!

Think I will wait in case it is NSFW

But I am excited


Looks true to the first season and the major characters. Hope it is good!

Quick shots of violence but that’s it.
I hadn’t read about the season at all so while watching I first thought it was Bullseye then I figured it out. Good casting.

Finally. Not to bitch too much, but Netflix/Internet sites: a teaser with a few scenes/shots from season 1, while technically a subtype of trailer, is not what I expect when I see a new trailer announcement. Glad to get the real one.

Daredevil’s new nemesis has a lot to live up to after Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, as well as fellow Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones needs to equal if not top David Tennant as Killgrave. These actors and their writers have their work cut out for them if they don’t want fans to say “not as good as the first season”. Im looking forward to see how they fare.

The first reviews are starting to appear.

Yeah, The Punisher (apparently played by Shane from The Walking Dead) was going to have a hard time not seeming like a comedown from The Kingpin already, and then came Kilgrave. And won’t there be a backlash? Back in the day, I recall The Punisher having quite a following. Now he’s cast as the bad guy just because he’s a psychotic murderer? I know back then it was often suggested on Usenet that Punisher fans were a particularly adolescent strain of comic fans, but people don’t actually grow up anymore, so surely they’re going to drop their zit cream when they see their hero treated as though he’s the problem, not the solution.

The review is pretty spot on for its take on S1, so cool - not looking forward to Punisher gore, but given how Deadpool has done, I know which way that machete is hacking. But overall, if it at least maintains the level of S1 and we end up with good versions of Punisher and Elektra - I’d take that.

My one wish with season 1 is that they hadn’t relied on gratuitous gross-out violence. Minor spoiler here: the dude that impaled his own head on a metal spike or whatever, rather than live with the knowledge he’d betrayed Kingpin? That was silly grossness that took me out of the story, and while it was the worst example, there were other cases in which thing awful happened and it wasn’t justified by the story but rather by the need to seem hardcore. (Kingpin’s killing of the Russian dude was totally justified, however gross it was: it made sense in context).

The pacing, however, was probably my favorite thing about the show. The review objects to the long stretches of conversation; I thought they were fantastic, and I loved the contrast between them and the insane violence. I’m happy to hear that that’ll continue.

Agreed all around. Yeah, I don’t mind the talky stuff.

Trailer number two just dropped.

I won’t spoil it, but oh boy oh boy oh boy.

That’s a great trailer - even better than Part 1. Elektra looks like she could be very well done. Excellent.