Daredevil Season 2 - open spoilers

I’ll start it tonight, assuming it is indeed up and streaming fine on Netflix today, which is supposed to be the release day.

I’ve heard good early buzz and am curious how the Punisher will fit in. How brutal will the Punisher be? I watched Punisher: War Zone recently and liked the casting and style there. Curious if beheadings, etc. will be part of his character in this show.

Maybe the show will even make me care about Elektra.

Thoughts for those watching? Open spoilers is fine, but feel free to spoiler something if you want or feel it is too huge. Really up to every poster to decide what they want to do.

Watching the first episode now. Glad this is back, and in less than a year.

I’m on episode 7 and so far I am loving it. Even better than last season.

Wow, jumped right into the second episode immediately. I assume that was the Punisher. He shot Daredevil? Dude.

Am five episodes in. I’m a big DD fan, so it’s hard to be objective, but I’m loving it so far. The action is well done. Bernthal and Yung are terrific. The dialogue, while overall a little too functional, is still quite good. And I love seeing a more capable side to Foggy, and Karen in full-on Nancy Drew mode. It seems like the reviews are a lot more mixed than last season, but I dunno, so far I’m liking it just as much.

Two episodes in. So far so good - man they like just beating the crap out of DD don’t they.

I’ve never cared much for the Punisher, as I told someone recently there are maybe two Punisher stories I ever cared for at all.

Now I have to make that three.

Punisher is brutal, driven, but as you learn his backstory not entirely without sympathy. Maybe sympathy is too strong a word, but you learn his motivation, he’s not just ax-crazy with no explanation. (I realize it’s the same backstory he’s always had, but a lot of viewers won’t know it and how they handle it is important).

I like that they show Foggy’s intellect. Too often in the comic book he’s been used simply as a buffoon and comic foil, but here he’s that AND they show he’s smart. He doesn’t have Matt’s punching skills so he has to think and talk his way out of situations.

I’m not liking Elektra so far. Not that I ever cared much for her, but this rendition pisses me off. Maybe she’s supposed to.

Have to work this weekend (yay! I’m employed!) so the binge-watching is just a couple hours in the evening. Enjoying it so far.

And yes, DD gets the shit beat out of him all the time, it’s a thing with him. I wonder how the make-up guys keep track of where to place the scars when Matt has his shirt off - I’m really impressed by the way they show him scarred up rather than healing to spotless skin. It’s a level of realism you usually don’t get in these shows.

My plan, like last season and like with Jessica Jones, is to watch one episode per day. That means it will be two weeks before I reach the end, so this thread will be a spoiler minefield almost immediately.

I will say that: it started out well. I like the outfit better in context than the promo pics led me to believe. And I am reassured so far that it will be another good season.

Jesus! The fight set piece down the stairs against the Dogs of Hell gang in Ep3 was wonderfully framed and shot.

I really like Elektra. “I fight in a mask” “You can’t mask that ass.”


Just finished the last episode and HOLY SHIT! That was just fucking awesome…

Careful what you share! It’s Day 2!!

I am watching the Castle trial. Given the importance of the case, the scenario of Matt neglecting the case and not doing pre-trial work and Foggy not calling him out on it keeps jumping out.

I just finished watching the whole thing with my daughter and even I enjoyed it. As an old fart however the ninja fighting scenes in the dark got a bit tedious. Loved the description above of Karen as Nancy Drew.

I’m not reading anything other than a reply to this: do I need to watch Jessica Jones first?

I thought the thread title said Open Spoilers?


I’m only on episode 2, but there’s one little thing I loved in episode 1 that stood out:

When Castle and Murdock were fighting, Castle head-butted Daredevil. And he did it with the “corner” of his forehead instead of straight on. The skull is little thicker in that area, and you’re less likely to stun yourself that way.

Don’t worry about, Foggy will get his chance to unload on Matt.

I hope, in future seasons, they don’t continue with the pattern of the boys being chummy and working together, Nelson & Murdock having a “break up”, then rejoining again. I’d like to see them work something out where Foggy comes to terms with Matt’s alter ego, Matt stops lying so damn much, and we have less of the bro-drama.

Oh yeah, you are fully in the right. Just go easy on us! :wink:

Just because you can post open spoilers doesn’t mean you have to - just sayin’