Daria. The anitdote to mundane television.

Of course, using the phrase “mundane television” is repetitious, isn’t it? :dubious:

I miss this show.

It ain’t out on DVD.

Anybody heard any rumors about this coming out on DVD?

This is my stop. Time to get off. I may go pop.


Sorry, where was I? Oh yes - I haven’t heard anything about a DVD, I’m just glad I filled three VHS tapes when MTV did a marathon.

Now back to my emo air-guitar…

Daria is pretty much a younger Janeane Garafalo with striaght hair and glasses (I’m not looking up the spelling, so THERE). Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Daria is one of those shows that is plagued by the large number of music copyrights necessary to release it to DVD, unaltered. The wikipedia article says Daria’s run was right before the TV-to-DVD boom, so the show’s producers didn’t know better about throwing hundreds of pop songs into the show.

That link also has some info about Daria DVD petitions. Apparently on one site, Daria has been voted one of the top 10 requested DVD sets.

I’m with you. I miss the show a lot. It would be great if a DVD publisher up to the challenge of collecting all those song liscenses would step up to bat.

I have a collection of Daria tapes, and there’s nothing like a bit of dry wit every so often, a commodity you don’t find much in American comedy.

I love the scene when Jake has a heart attack and the nurse asks Daria, her sister and her mother if there’s anything going on at home that might have stressed him out, and the three of them stare at the nurse like deer caught in the headlights.

I love, love, love Daria! The Sausage Creature got me hooked, and now it’s my guilty pleasure. I hope they come out with a DVD! :slight_smile:

I’m watching Daria right now. The new version of Winamp offers Shoutcast TV as one of their online services and there is an all Daria, all the time channel.

So far today, Daria has been running commercial-free for 270 minutes. I just let it run and watch an episode or two when I have the time.

I was happy when i saw it was still on TV then I realized it was on one of the Nickelodeon channels. They would either trim out whole “contovertial” sections of episodes or not show them at all. A shame really.