Dark theme mostly white in Chrome all of a sudden

This morning, my SDMB pages as viewed in Chrome on my Mac turned from the all black dark theme to a mostly white theme with patches of black (like the banner is a strip of black.)

It looks fine in Safari. It looks fine in my mobile devices. It looks fine in Chrome if I’m in Ingognito mode. With that info, I cleared all the cookies and caches for all time. Nothing fixed. I restarted the computer. Nothing fixed. I’m at a complete loss as to where the issue may lie. It was fine at around 6:30 a.m., but by 7:15 a.m. or so (CDT), it became glitchy.

This is how it appears to me now:

Any idea where the issue may lie? I was guessing cookies and caches because it works in another browser and it works in Chrome’s incognito mode, but that hasn’t cleared it up. Is there another setting I need to reset? I’m guessing this problem is most likely on my end. Not sure why it would all of a sudden pop up after no issues ever, but who knows.

It’s working fine for me with Chrome on a PC (I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t test it there). I tested both the Dark theme and the Straight Dope Dark theme and both worked as expected.

The last Discourse update was on May 18 so I don’t think anything should have changed on the server side this morning.

Have you added any extensions lately? In Chrome, I believe that you have to explicitly set them to be active in Incognito mode, and that might explain the difference. Chrome extensions very often do not play well with Discourse.

Ah! That’s a good one. I did add something last night. Let me see if disabling all extensions work. (Maybe my timeline was incorrect – it’s possible I was on my phone this morning and only checked on the desktop after 7 a.m. my time.)

Let’s see …

ETA: Yep! Circle gets a square! It was a Flash-emulator extension I was testing out (did not work for my purposes) and I didn’t disable or trash it. Forgot about the fact that extensions are turned off in incognito mode. I knew someone would be able to puzzle it together with the info given. Thanks!

A zoom-in/zoom-out extension got me a few months ago, and an epub reader got me last year. Finicky little boogers.

Which Flash emulator? I use Ruffle and have never had that problem.

Assuming it wasn’t Ruffle, I thought I’d mention it as something for you to try.

It was called Flash Playlist. I was trying it out because Ruffle wasn’t working on slideshows on my website; seems none of Flash emulators work.

Here’s an example of a page that doesn’t work. Most of it shows up using Ruffle, but it gets stuck on one frame, when it’s supposed to be a slideshow. There is also supposed to be music to go with it that doesn’t get played. The static “slidesheet” icon seems to work fine, but the rest doesn’t behave like it’s supposed to.

This is more for curioisty’s sake than anything. This is old content from about 10-15 years ago, but there’s about a hundred or so slideshows built like that.

I see. I suspect the way the slideshow is implemented is more complicated than it actually needed to be, using features Ruffle doesn’t have yet.

If you did ever want to get it working on the modern web, the ideal solution would probably be to extract the images and music, and then just use one of several JavaScript-only slideshow viewers, with the music added via the HTML <audio> tag to recreate it. Or, heck, just use software that can make a video slideshow and put the video on YouTube or similar, and then embed it on your site.

It’s all legacy work, anyway, nothing that needs to be alive right now. Every once in a blue moon I get a note from an old client asking if there’s a way to watch the slideshow now, and I’m not about to reimport the photos and redo the slideshow for something ten years on. (They have the actual pictures. I had also switched to other software about eight years ago or so for slideshows at least ten years ago that was not Flash-based, as it wasn’t compatible with iPhones, anyway). I was curious if there was an extension I could point them to, so I tried out a couple to see if any work.