Okay, I know that some people here have been following the development of this game for sometime now so help me out here. Is this game ever coming out or is it going to end up as vaporware? It looks like it has so much promise but it seems like it has been in development forever. So…what the straight dope on Darkfall.



Wow! Nothing on Darkfall? I was sure that someone here had posted that they were following this game.

We’ll then let me say that if there are any MMORPG players here NOT following Darkfall Online you really should check it out. I won’t go into all the details here as no one else seems interested, suffice it to say that the hype surrounding this title makes it sound like it will be legendary.

All the best.


Looks like they are scheduled for a 2007 release.

The only thing I see about it is here. (Look under the 2006 E3 report; it won’t let me link directly to it. From the above link:

My main question is if we need another fantasy-themed mmorpg at the moment; the field is saturated with them. It doesn’t look like something I would be that interested in anyway.