Darn you Fenris! Darn you to heck!

Who said I wanted to join in your stupid game, huh? And why did you have to drag my children into it? Oh sure, the family thought it was cute and fun-- finding all those riddle/hints in our underwear drawers. Why was I the only one who that it was mighty strange that you were leaving notes in our underwear drawer?

And those stupid hints. The kids and the spouse thought you were making allusions to great literary works, but I knew-- I knew you were stealing your quotes from Daffy Duck and Scooby-Do.

And what was this great riddle you had my family searching the answer to? Huh? There was no great answer!. Noooo. You just wanted to show off your stupid new Ford Explorer. Oh, the kids were impressed-- but that freaking thing was bigger than our apartment! Only I could see the damage you were causing.

To top it all off, it took a full 5 minutes after I woke up to fully grasp that it was all a dream.
So darn you straight to heck, Fenris. Get outta my dreams and into your Ford Explorer.

Biggirl, honey, you’ve got it all wrong!

It must have been Spoofe if it was happening in your knicker drawer. Poor Fenris should not be held to blame for what was obviously a set-up by the Underwear-Urchin.

Shame on you Spoofe. :smiley:

(However, Fenris has not given a plausible explanation for the Explorer yet…so he may still be culpable there!!)

Dopers in your dreams, huh? You might be hangin’ out on the boards a little too much. (as if that’s possible.)

Now I’ve got that song stuck in my head. Thanks a bunch, Biggirl. :wink:

So? Where’s Fenris? Inflicting his Freddie Kruger impersonation on some other helpless doper, no doubt. Making the teeming millions wake up all angry and confused.

The no-goodnik.