Darren "Savage Garden" Hayes comes out

From his website


For those of you that remember Savage Garden “I Knew I Loved You,” And “Truly Madly Deeply.” Both Number 1 hits. And he had a #1 hit on the Dance Chart in 2005 called “Pop!ular”

The thing I find interesting is the guy MARRIES another guy and people are still saying, well that only says he’s bisexual. He was married to a girl when he was in Savage Garden.

I don’t have much of an opinion on his sexual orientation but I do want to say that hearing even the first three notes of either of the songs you mentioned sends me into a glurgeocidal rage. Also, he looks like a grown up version of my adorable little nephew who I pray never commits an act as heinous as “I Knew I Loved You”

Ahhh, he’s just going through a phase.

My wife is heart-broken. Heh.


If he ever hits on me, I’m punching him in the jaw.

Well, on that page he doesn’t say he’s not bisexual. It doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume he’s bisexual if he’s been married to men and women, if he doesn’t say otherwise.

What **Lama Pacos ** said. After all, he MARRIED a woman, but he clearly isn’t straight.

Oh, that’s just brimming with poetic justice. A certain ex-friend of mine used to point out his striking resemblance to Darren Hayes as a pick-up tactic (unsuccessfully in almost all cases) – and yet he’s stultifyingly homophobic. Anyone who gives a rat’s ass about the guy had better put him under suicide watch.

If its any consolation WOOKINPANUB, Darrens musics changed since the Savage Garden days. Obviously being the same singer/writer there are similarities, but his latest album The Tension and The Spark had a heavy electronic sound.

And as for it being a phase, the mans 34 years old, is he not a bit too old for it to be a phase?
The thing I find interesting about his coming out is that apparently hes going to lose fans left, right and center as these women will be heartbroken… what did they think they were going to marry him and have his babies?!

Golly. What a surprise. I would never have guessed.

Apart from the fact that it was screamingly obvious the first time I saw him.

I know a guy who came out when he was 50, after a long hetero marriage and 5 kids. I’m not saying that either preference was a phase, but if they were, which one?


This is about as shocking as it’ll be when Clay Aiken comes out.

When does Daniel Johns come out? And for that matter, Natalie Imbruglia.

My thoughts exactly. I had him in the “Liberace Gay”* category as soon as I saw one of Savage Garden’s music clips, so I’m a bit mystified why his marriage to another man has come as a surprise to anyone.

*Not that there’s anything wrong with that

What about Missy Higgins?

I don’t blame her. I’m heartbroken.

As I said while watching the Atlanta Gay Men’s Choir float in a parade: “What a shame”.

I have gay friends and have told several of them if they ever want to try a female…give me time to get a divorce.*

I would never leave my husband for a sexual fling. But since he is an RN he might allow it under the theory of research.

Color me surprised. Jayjay told me about this several days ago. I shrugged my shoulders. :smiley: