Darwin Award Nominee or Man Flunks Electrical Safety 101

This guy was probably not the brightest light in the marquee, except for one brief, shining moment. From here

I’m guessing he was not an out of work electrician.


In his defense, he was planning on shaking all the electricity out after he cut a piece loose.

He is going to be sad when he wakes up with no wire.

He died on a pole and wasn’t even stealing electricity??? Or Cable TV??? Died for 2 cents worth of copper… Man, that’s sad.
He could have bet someone a buck he would simply climb to the top of a utility pole, done it, climbed back down and been 98 cents ahead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooooops. :smack:

I forgot to teach him the different colors on the poles: “Black is hot, red is not . . .”. Of course everyone knows you don’t usually string copper wire overhead–you gotta dig underground for it!

Now, where’s my trusty backhoe?

In this world, everyone tries to seek their true calling. Obviously, he failed at ‘Thief’; I’m just glad he had ‘grass fertilizer’ to fall back on.

Yes, it is. I’m glad Rhubarb is here to help keep us up on current events.

I think it’s safe to say this was a man of high potential.

(At least for a fraction of a second.)

So resistence IS futile?

Only if R < 1 Ω.

He probably had a battery of previous offenses, and the capacitance for many more. People like that burn out pretty quickly. Not the brightest spark (though he may have been for a couple of seconds).

Watts with you people and bad puns? An ohmage to 30s vaudeville or something?

Never mind, I don’t have the energy to pit this.

Mhoed down in the prime of life. I can’t generate any sympathy for him. At least he didn’t let the danger impede his desire to live in a parallel universe. Seriesly.

Ohm man. Watt’s your problem?

Can his relatives sue the power company? I think having all that copper wire in plain sight constitutes 'an attractive nuisance"…but maybe he was just trying to fet a pair of sneakers.

What can I say, I get a charge out of it.

Thus started his induction into the hall of fame

And to finish said induction, I’ll be doing the NY-San Francisco-LA circuit. Think lightning will strike three times?

[sub]after jokes like this, I oughta be electron’d President[/sub]

An alternate current to add: a local man has got more Darwin-fu than the fellow in Dallas (our boy tried it in the rain).