Date formatting for Win10 issues?

I downloaded Win10 a couple of weeks ago, and just today noted that the date formatting is that of the US and not the way it’s done here downunder. So instead of showing today being 04/01/2016 (we go day/month/year) it was 01/04/2016.

Scuttled off to settings, and found there is NO option to have it read 04/01/16, but will allow 04-Jan-16.

Is this a conspiracy by MS to have the rest of the world change to the US system of dating??


Huh. Mine is just right…
Try going to Settings-Time & Language. Make sure your Region & language are correct. You can also look at Date & time in the same area, and there’s a link to “Change date and time formats”.

Go to the Region and Language settings, and set that to Australia - see if that gives you the civilised date options.

Hah…that fixed it, thanks folks. Whilst the region and time-zone etc was all correct, I had to change the language settings to AUSTRALIAN English instead of the culturally-deficient US one.