Dateline NBC makes me pro-pedophilia

This show is hilarious. It gets hilarouser & hilariouser.

I’m not kidding here folks. It’s fun!

It’s like the nightly police car chases in LA. Everyone knows they can get on the news & get some fame if you just get into a ridiculous chase with the police.

Now the coolest thing is to go on a chat line, talk about butt-fucking and get “stung” in an NBC Dateline “setup.”

Ha, ha, ha! LOL!

Yes, they actually have voice actors “acting” out the on-line chats.

“Hi! I’m Cindy! I’m fourteen and I like it up the ass! Ha, ha, ha!”(LOL)
"Cool! My screename is middleagedpredator123, and I want to know how many hours you can take me up the ass! Ha, ha, ha! (LOL)

The predators all line up waiting for their ten minutes of fame and they’re all like “I totally knew this was a set-up. I deserve the death penalty. You’re from NBC, right?”

“Yes we are, you despicable pig! You’re not going to get the death penalty, we’re going to put you on TV, naughty person, you!”

This just couldn’t get anymore ridiculous. Jerry Springer’s got nothing on this new class of journalism.

Can you explain this a little more? What was NBC Dateline doing to set them up exactly? Were they participating in the chat, or just observing and reading out the lines? Then how did they identify the chatters? I don’t understand.

These two links will begin to clear things up, Rigamarole.

In addition, these are the most recent two threads we’ve had touching on the subject:

Online pedophiles and their expectations of success when setting up meetings with kids and Dateline NBC, Feb 3 - To catch a predator III

The pedophile-catcher decoy goes on-line and is all, “I’m fourteen, hee, hee, hee! I’m home alone! Hee, hee, hee! I totally want you to come over and have sex with me! Hee, hee, hee!, LOL!”

The predator is all, “cool! I’m going to come over and fuck your brains out! Here’s some nude pictures! Hee, hee, hee. LOL!”

That part is on-line. Then the voice actors recite it for those of us who have never been on-line before in our lives.

They have this totally fake 19-year-old putting on the fakest “14-year-old” accent you’ve ever heard. She waits in the set-up house hiding behind a door and she’s all, “Hi! I’m here! Hee, hee, hee! I’m just gonna take all my clothes off and be right there! Hee, hee, hee! Just a sec!”

Then the NBC camera crew jumps out and says, “Ha! Pervert! You’re busted! We’re from the news!”

And the pedophile is all, “yeah NBC, right?” :rolleyes: “You caught me. I’m sick.”

And then the NBC crew is all, “stay tuned! We’ve got more after these messages!”

I haven’t really followed this, but I agree that there are some major journalism ethics questions here - questions that are being blown over in the interest of sensationalism, of course. :wink: (Outside of the classroom, does anything else ever happen to these questions?)

I guess this pedophile thing is less annoying than the type of story all the morning shows are doing: put a correspondent in a ton of makeup and send them out to “find out what it’s really like to be [black/Indian/Latin/old/fat/half-moose/whatever].”

Not the least of which is that Dateline apparently PAID perverted-justice to appear on the show (at least the first time).

That’s so hot. :stuck_out_tongue:
sorry…couldn’t resist…

As long as it’s an adult half-moose, I say it’s your business.

Almost sounds like the bustees were paid actors as well.

Were any of them carrying “sparking devices”?

I thought it was strange how no one seemed to react too much when Chris Hansen pops into the kitchen, but freak out when the camera crew comes in a few minutes later. Even if they don’t recognize him, they’ve got to assume that he’s either a cop or the girl’s father. I would think at least some of them would instinctively try to make a break for it, but no one even so much as made a face.

And was it really necessary to have a cop dressed like Bigfoot outside? If they tried to get you for evading arrest, you could plead entrapment. Who wouldn’t run from that?

I read an article somewhere (will try to find it) that stated perverted justice was paid $100,000 for the four episode series.

"But your honor, I had no intention of seducing a minor. I have here sheaves of documentaion that every single person who engages in sexual online communication lies about him or herself. No matter what the stated age of the person on the other end, I was acting under the full understanding that I would be meeting a 36-year old, overweight closeted gay male, who would say ‘yes, I’m not a hot teenage girl, but since you drove all this way, you may as well get your dick sucked.’

If, during the online phase, I were to aknowedge this, the person would only deny it and move onto the next victim (and I do assert that I am the victim here), resoning that anyone who wants to have his dick sucked by a fat old queer is less attractive than someone who could expect to be desirable to a teenage girl.
I fully expected and tacitly sought sex not with a teen, but with a fat old queer, and although the NBC reporter was a little more buff than the usual, my lack of suprise at his sudden apperance in the kitchen proves my case."

Is the OP saying that he thinks people are just playing around and trying to get on TV?

One “perv” guy brought his 5 year old son with him. I can’t begin to tell you what’s wrong with that.

Like previous poster, I am wondering why the hell they find it necessary to have a cop dressed up as a tree or whatever to catch a middle-aged, fat, balding perv? Why also do they then have to have six other cops bumrush the perv and tackle them on the driveway? Only or two even put up the slightest resistance, the camoflauge and tackling was just so unncessary it was hilarious. These are evil people, but in no way a threat to six armed cops. Just have a cop stand by the back door, when the perp walks out, arrest him, no drama needed! You would think Osama Bin Laden was walking out of the house with the camoflauge and whatnot. That was friggin hilarious! Also, why camflauge one cop, when standing six feet away are a bunch of uniformed cops? Do they think that one moment of suprise when the bush jumps up with the gun is enough to distract the perv, so he can be subdued, as if he couldn’t have been subdued without that? Good on ya, Nightline, for doing this, but let up on the drama queen bit.

God I hate that Chris Hansen. Hate hate hate. Sanctimonious blow-dried creep. Dude, being morally superior to a kiddie-raper is not something to take that much satisfaction in. And his schoolmarmish Assistant-vice principal-catching-the kids-smoking-pot-after-sixth-period demeanour makes me wish one of the pervs would pull a gun on him just so I can see him wet himself on national TV.

All in all?

I can’t help it. All that on-line chat got me into teenage speech mode.

And yes, Officer Larch in the tree-suit was just frickin’ hilarious. I had to hit the guide on my remote to make sure I wasn’t somehow actually watching a surreal episode of Punked.

Three cops & a walking tree to take down these pervs who already know there’s cops outside waiting to take them away? Then the narrator explains they have to do that in Florida because everyone’s packing, apparently.

“Oh, and Officer Larch? Nah, he just thinks he’s a tree, and the department says we have to respect diversity.”

“Help! I’m being arrested by the Swamp Thing!”