Dathomir Witches in Star Wars EU

Ok could someone explain to me why everyone fawns over Anakin and Palpatine as some of the all time most powerful force users when the witches from Dathomir have outright insane force powers? It goes way beyond anything a jedi or sith can do.

Ok so there is this poor and uncivilized planet called Dathomir right? Well apparently the Jedi cannot scoop up force sensitive children from there because of its unstable nature, so the kids grow up and learn a kind of system to their force powers they call magic, hence the witches of Dathomir. They are just untrained force users who made up their own system.

There is a Lucas made and approved Ewok movie with a Dathomir witch villain, among other things she can turn into a bird and back into a human!

In The Clone Wars show which I do like and mostly tries to remain true to the films, a witch is able to animate an army of dead corpses to fight for her. Other eye raising uses of the force abound in the episodes on Dathomir:dubious:
Lucas is heavily involved in the show and apparently it is canon.

So now that we have established that this is not some wackadoo EU author writing unauthorized stories about Yoda and Jabba making sweet love or anything, what is the deal with this? Seems like both the jedi and sith have got it all wrong, you need no training and your force powers will become insanely powerful!

The Jedi have focus and inner peace. The Witches are reckless and have delusions of grandeur.

I don’t really follow the Star Wars EU too much, but surely you need training as a Dathomir witch to do those things, no?

As for being insanely powerful, the EU really ratchets up what you can do with the Force. Animating an army of corpses doesn’t strike me as that much more powerful than plucking a Star Destroyer out of the sky with telekinesis.

The witch in the Ewok movie was retconned as a Dathomir Witch. The Witch of Endor … Samantha’s mother Endora on Bewitched… she wasn’t originally from Dathomir and they rode horses in that movie. I wouldn’t consider it canon.

The book I read about them had them causing blood veins to burst in their face if they used the Force for dark purposes. Enough of those and you’ve got an ugly witch. Maybe that’s why they tattoo themselves. It was a good read, they kept rancors as pets and rode them like horses. They were trained by their mothers. The men were totally subservient; they seemed to not have the Force. I haven’t read or seen what you’re referring too but it does seem a bit out of touch. I play a Dathomir Witch on a RP site and I don’t go near that far.

In the animated TV series recently, the head witch was able to use voodoo and nearly kill Dookoo while he was on another planet. Crazy for Grievous to take an army down to try to kill them all. Nuke 'em from orbit, for pete’s sake!

The reference is a lot older than that. The Witch of Endor was a medium called upon by King Saul in the Old Testament. She evokes the spirit of the prophet Samuel.

You’re right, there’s that. :slight_smile:

Force powers tend to get a bit ridiculously out-there in the EU. There’s this thing called ‘force storm’, capable of ‘shattering the fabric of space and time itself’, and ‘tear apart the surfaces of entire planets’. Kinda takes away the point of light saber battles if you can just peel the planet your oponent’s on like a grape… :rolleyes: